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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Last Trumpet or Blue Beam?

From Krysanna, of TimeStar:

The sound is being heard by many it seems.  Here is another excerpt from
 news this morning.

The Last Trumpet or Blue Beam?
I told you a while back about my wife Elaine's encounter with a very bizarre "humming" noise she heard out here at the ranch...couple of weeks back, yeah?

So fast forward to this morning.  Go check out this bit of the Jeff Rense show which gets into (drum roll please?) strange humming noises now popping up worldwide!

Not just in Jeff's circle of friends.  Got this note from a reader who reports:
"I forgot to mention, that she personally heard and felt a low hum herself, when she was in London on Friday and Saturday...."
OK, now it gets stranger:  Despite having not internet, Clif has a pretty good string of humint (human intelligence) sources...and one of his is an outdoorsy kind of fellow who was hiking in the Lake Louise region of Canada a while back and he not only heard the hum, but played it for Clif.

Now here's the interesting part.  The hum he played he said sounded nothing like the hum he had heard... which is why C and I were talking about it.

As I explained to Clif, the reason is likely the sample rate of the digital recorder this outdoorsy guy was using to make the recording.  The hum might indeed have been a 100-hertz range hum, but when played back it sounds completely different that was the user had reported.

Near as I can tell, the effect is likely due to interaction between the hum frequency and the sample rate of the digital recorder.  Just like a superheterodyne radio receiver
 uses a local oscillator to "beat" (or mix) with one radio frequency (like the FM band) in order to get it move down to a convenient intermediate frequency (like the 10.7 MHz intermediate frequency common to FM radios) so it shows up somewhere else in the audio spectrum.

A lot of the people reporting the sound call it a "pressure" sometimes verging on painful. 

What is it?  No telling, exactly.  One possibility the religious types mention on the net is that it could be the "Last Trumpets" sounding.  Others are wondering if it's the testing of a scalar weapon, or we might be seeing some prep/testing for something like Project Blue Beam

.  Whatever it is, it does qualify as interesting and worth tracking for a while to see where it leads.

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1 comment:

  1. It could be scalar.It could also be a testing of further weather war weapons. These weapons were initially invented by the great genuis Tesla.We are also under the gun from a solar pt of view that is the whole solar system is going through warming and very strange phenomena..We are moving towards the black hole which is in the center of not just our galaxy but all galaxies have a black hole in its center.


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