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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sudden Spree of Earthquakes

9/15/2011 -- FOURTEEN 6.0+ magnitude eathquakes in 14 days! Global Earthquake Overview

From TIMESTAR - Krysanna:

The “sudden” spree of large quakes Dutch addresses in the video at the below link is in the September window that TimeStar identified last December.  A TimeStar window opened September 1.  The time sequence should not surprise those who read TimeStar forecasts.  The Atlantic and coastal areas are the primary focus of the TimeStar cycle now unfolding.  A 5.1 magnitude quake shook Cuba today.  More than 6,200 earthquakes  have shaken the El Heirro volcano in the Atlantic since June.  Quakes have shaken Caribbean islands (Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, etc.) for months.  Four volcanoes have erupted in Iceland (north Atlantic) in 2011.  The Pacific Ocean has been continuously active with quakes and volcanoes for years.  TimeStar forecast that islands are rising in the Pacific in 1996, and some islands have already risen in the last 15 years with many signs that more will rise.
The area in the Pacific that Dutch identifies as the source (at 3:18 on the video) is the area between Japan and Chile that TimeStar indicated last spring!  The mysterious area Dutch points out in the video was identified immediately after the megaquake in Japan last spring.  The area is noted with a triangle on the map TimeStar posted last spring.  The plates have been moving since 2004 when a tectonic plate slipped near Sumatra, Indonesia on December 26.  Dutch does a great job of watching events as they unfold on a day-by-day basis.  Thank goodness for his footwork.  He is using a Western scientific model that perceives causes very differently than the Native American model that is the basis of the TimeStar. 
TimeStar first forecast in 1996 that islands will rise in the Pacific Ocean.  The first sign that islands will (someday) rise in the area was when the Loihi Seamount collapsed on the exact day named in the first TimeStar forecast in July 1996.  That was the first confirmation I had that TimeStar forecasts as a system were worth pursuing.  I have now done forecasts for 15 years and learned many wonderful things about the earth in that time. 
dutchsinse just uploaded a video:
a LOT of great earthquake / volcano monitoring links as well as a screenshot of the last 14 days of large quakes:

also, I say thirteen large quakes in the video.. however a 7.2 JUST happened in Fiji / Vanuatu region within 1 hour of making this video .. thus making it 14 at LEAST 6.0 earthquakes over the past 14 days!. More

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Friday, July 22, 2011

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