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Friday, September 09, 2011

Warnings- Dream, Threats 9/11 C2C Show

Discern: Received from Global Rumblings correspondents:

I don't know if this has anything to do with anything.  I don't normally remember my dreams but this morning, 6:15, I woke and the images were still vivid and clear in my mind.  I live in a mobilehome park and I work as a gardener maintaining yards.  In the dream, I was at the end of my street, in the intersection...why I don't know, but for some reason I decided to look up my street and I saw the beginning of smoke coming out of a driveway on the corner.  I walked to the driveway.  There were no cars.  The smoke was coming out of the back door.  I went to the door and looked in.  I saw heavy brown smoke swirling around with flames mixed in.  Immediately I looked down the driveway to see if there was a hose.  I instantly knew I had to get water on the fire and get my cell phone to call 911 and was conflicted on which to do first.  I went for the cell phone, but it was off and would not turn on.  I began yelling fire, but no one appeared and intuitively knew no one was left in the park.  I decided to go for the hose, fight the fire to see if I could put it out before it started the whole place on fire and I lost my place with all my survival stuff I've been gathering now for four or five months.  At this point I woke, looked at my watch, saw the time, knew I could sleep in being my day off for home chores, but with the swirling brown smoke and flames still in my visual mind, I got up and put on the TV half expecting to see something terrible being shown.  But all was normal or as normal as things are today.  Thank God.

If there is a message in my dream, it's that of fire, cell phone not working and no people around to help save their homes.  I know because of it soon to be ten years since 9-11, many are on edge.   I've long thought we are being played big time and most haven't the foggiest notion as to what is really going on.  Harder and harder to know who is telling the truth or who to trust.  Time to pray and lock into Jesus Christ who promised we who believe in Him will be given to know the truth.  

Diane, Retired Military 

On 9/9/2011 3:25 AM, Bob K. wrote:

Dear Friends and family:
I wish I did not have to send you this but I must!
Don't shoot me I am only the messenger.
Sent @ 6:25 AM EDT 9/9/2011
On the Coast to coast national radio program at about 4 AM EDT on 9/9/2011 a caller to the show stated she has a relative in an intelligence agency in the United States who called to tell her the huge power outage that occurred in CaliforniaArizonaNew Mexico etc. on 9/8-9/2011 was "deliberate" and done to notify sleeper cells in the U.S. that it was time to act. She stated he told her to get out of the United States and she told the show's listeners that her whole family was packing to head to Canada. The show is available on the net at the Coast to coast web site if you want to go and listen to it for yourself. Given the U.S. government is now reporting they are stepping up security due to what they call "credible threats" for attacks on New York andWashington DC by car bom*s in tunnels and such". " it is my suggestion to all my friends to do whatever you can now to prepare for a major disruptionto our way of life. If the b's they are talking about are of the (sound the next words out)  Nu  cle are variety you can imagine the effect on not only those in that city but upon our economy! Given Coast to coast goes out to millions of listeners across the United States the run on the stores will start this morning! Blankets, Generators, emergency water supply, extra medications, shelf storable food, batteries, portable lights including CANDLES AND IF an EMP pulse weapon is used, it WILL FRY THE ELECTRONICS IN ANYTHING THAT HAS ECTRONIC GUTS IN IT ACROSS LARGE AREAS OF THE COUNTRY AND COULD TAKE OUT THE POWER GRID,COMPLETELY. AUTO IGNITIONS, CELL PHONES, TELEVISIONS, COMPUTERS, HOME APPLIANCES, PORTABLE RADIOS, ANYTHING THAT HAS AN ELECTRONIC CHIP IN IT WILL STOP WORKING WHICH ALSO INCLUDES ALL FURNACES THAT HAVE ELECTRONIC CONTROL BOARDS WHICH IS MOST OF THEM UNLESS YOURS IS REALLY REALLY OLD. IF IT HAS A STATUS LIGHT ON IT THERE IS A BOARD IN IT. YOU MUST HAVE A BACK UP SOURCE OF HEAT AND FUEL TO OPERATE IT! You need to be able to be self sufficient for an extended period of time there may be no way to call the police or for them to GET TO YOU you even if you can contact them (no vehicles operable) and I urge you to have something to protect yourself and your family!  I pray that a year from now I will see my sending you this email was a waste of my time but my psychic side says that is not going to be the case. I have had a vision of what will happen but I will not email it for fear of reprisals, some of you already know.. God I pray I am WRONG!
Bob K.
PS April remember the vision you had??? Ditto!

5 million without power as outage hits California, Southwest, Mexico

Story Image
A San Diego police official directs traffic after a power outage Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011, in San Diego. A power outage is affecting millions of people across southern California, Arizona and Mexico. San Diego Gas & Electric Co. Darcel Hulce said that crews Thursday believe the outage was caused by a system breakdown and assured people it was not the result of a terror attack. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)
Updated: September 8, 2011 11:28PM

SAN DIEGO — A major power outage knocked out electricity to up to 5 million people in California, Arizona and Mexico on Thursday, bringing San Diego and Tijuana to a standstill and leaving people sweltering in the late-summer heat in the surrounding desert.
Two nuclear reactors were offline after losing electricity, but officials said there was no danger to the public or workers.
San Diego bore the brunt of the blackout that started shortly before 4 p.m. PDT.; most of the nation’s eighth-largest city was darkened.

Mass blackout hits California, Arizona and Mexico
A major power outage knocked out electricity to up to 5 million people in California,Arizona and Mexico, bringing San ... hits California, Arizona and Mexico; 2. New York on

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Friday, July 22, 2011

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