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Friday, September 09, 2011

Those Dang Curly Fluorescent Lights

You know they are being mandated by the government... the old regular bulbs will soon be no longer available. 

Last week, one of our bulbs flickered and went out.  We wiggled it.. it came back on dimly.  Later it went out again.  

Removing it, we found a burned hole in it.  So, mercury and fluoride vapors escaped?  How to dispose of it?  If it breaks, the shards and the vapors are poisonous.  So, we sealed it in a zip-lock bag, and put it in the recycle bin.

Hope they are careful with it. 

From George Ure, in his Daily News:

Bending Over Consumers
Something of a consumer revolt is shaping up against compact fluorescent lights (CFL's).  Get lots of email like this one:
Hi George: My husband installed these new curly light bulbs, in our bathroom, one light burned out, so he replaced it, its all bright and shiney right, but the other two that are still in the same light fixture are now dull and give off some light, not as bright as the new one?? And they call this progress, what a waste of money. Never had issues with the standard bulbs we've grew up with. Can I get a refund? Where do I send my complaint? Has anyone ever mentioned this before? Or I am totally out of the loop on this oner Check the ones you have and then install a new one next to older ones and you will see what I mean.
Funny you'd mention this:  I just was thinking about this the other day.  Yes, they save some energy, no the quality of light isn't that good. And yes, if you bust one, read up on breathing the air around the break and look for the words mercury and phosphorous...

The good news is that compact LED lights are in the wings.  The bad news?  I'm sure the lighting industry has some prick (prickette?) in a cubicle somewhere trying to figure out how to get LED's to burn out at 50,000 hours - or less - intervals.

Crockashit!   Grrrr...
This is exactly the kind of thing which Howard and I are working on in the book right now:  is there a way for the old business model of planned obsolescence and maximized greed to transition into a new model where long-lived products are actually rewarded so we stop working so hard just to stay even? 

Don't suppose you would ever guess my take on it, eh?  Good part of the book - we're now on Chapter 18 and coming down the home stretch.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

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