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Friday, September 16, 2011

You can't handle the Truth, so don't watch

Nibiru - The Governments say, "You can't handle the Truth, 
so don't watch" ...Part 2

Uploaded by  on Apr 23, 2011
Those in charge of our governments have gone to great lengths to distort this truth. They bring in their so called experts to tell you that everything is a conspiracy. The most amusing thing is how the government back their side with pencil drawings and computer models. Of course one must stand up and recognize that they have taken lying to a whole new level. Their most recent move is to claim that we are only trying to spreed fear, and that our message only scare people. Wow, "that we are only trying to scare people". Really, this coming from the government media that broadcast the, "War on Terror". The same guys that have a "threat level color system" to keep you scared of an invisible threat, that only they know when it will strike. These same people are now telling you, "things are getting better", "don't worry everything is normal", and "nothing out of the ordinary has occurred". Don't worry we will take care of everything, well you can believe them if you want, but for me I want to know the truth, because I want an opportunity to prepare for my family as best I can. More importantly, I want the opportunity to get in touch with friend and distant family to see them and to help them prepare as together we could help each other greatly. But they don't want that, and most of you may not care either way. Wow...

100 Days Of Disaster" aired on Australian TV "19 April 2011"
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  • Not only can we handle it, but we have been accurately piecing together this very scenario.
  • If you go to the Soho Lasco 3 image above...@ 0310 10:09:01 - he says the words 'The Blue Kachina Star' - look at the time he says it>10:09:01 you see it?...almost every 'minute' sequence of images comes to a 13 or an 11, except for a couple which are 9s...very significant...L.

2012 - The Untold Story 

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