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Monday, September 19, 2011

Giant Satellite is Crashing to Earth

NASA says the giant (size of a bus or a small house)satellite is "plunging to earth more quickly than anticipated and will crash during a three-day window around September 24."

Wait a minute!  Is this a cover story?

Hurtling at eight kilometres per second, it could land anywhere between 57 degrees north and 57 degrees south of the equator - most of the populated world, including Australia.
NASA says the risk to life from the satellite is just 1 in 3,200 as most of the satellite will break or burn up before reaching Earth.


Scientists have identified 26 separate pieces that could survive the fall through the Earth's atmosphere and debris could rain across an area 400 to 500 kilometres wide.


Sorry folks, I smell something fishy here.  That date, "September 24,2011" that NASA is announcing that a satellite will be falling, breaking into 26 pieces (why 26 pieces? How do they know that? Is there a message here?) and is crashing to earth, is right around a prophesied time of danger. Not a danger of a man-made satellite, but of something coming from outer space.

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