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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ring of Fire,Comet Elenin Advisory

Advisory On Elenin & The Ring Of Fire – Forget Window Cleaning

An upcoming celestial & earthly event could change many window cleaners lives & I hope I’m wrong as I’ve been following this for quite a while. But with the lack of national media news covering this, I’d thought I’d advise readers on this blog.  Yesterdays 6.9 earthquake in Nepal/India (& 7.1 in Alaska) which killed 53 and destroyed more than 100,000 homes seems to be the most under reported event of the year. The major news media seems to have dismissed the event & anything to do with “Elenin” which is a little surprising to say the least, especially when major earthquakes occur when there is a planetary line-up. So you reckon I’ve been watching too many YouTube videos? If you care to take a look & google “Elenin”, “Nibiru” & “two suns” – you will see this blog is quite understated compared towhat else is out there! What other dis-information is out there? And just as a coincidence, Obama makes his way to the biggest underground bunker in the World on the 27th of September! So bear with me & listen to the facts..
A 25,000 mile line along the Pacific Rim, known as the “ring of fire,” also called the Circum-Pacific belt is the most geologically active place on earth. The recent earthquakes that have pounded Japan, New Zealand and Chile all have one thing in common: They were caused by the movement of a massive piece of Earth known as the Pacific Plate. The Pacific Plate is also grinding alongside the North American Plate in California along the San Andreas fault, which geologists call a “transform fault.” Los Angeles lies on the Pacific Plate while San Francisco is on the North American Plate. The plates are moving in opposite directions. The largest earthquakes seem to be happening when Earth is lined up with Comet Elenin. As this video attempts to explain.
The Supermoon will shock Planet Earth on September 27th in the most extreme form, complete with an earthquake watch for California. During the September 27th Super Moon event, sky watchers can experience a lunar perigee, with the moon at its brightest, biggest and closest to Earth in a dramatic way. The “Supermoon” (a term coined by Richard Nolle) is associated with severe storms, powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme electromagnetic anomalies. The Pacific Rim’s ‘Ring of Fire’ has been going haywire lately, with major earthquakes in Chile, New Zealand, Japan and Alaska.  Could Los Angeles or San Francisco be next for a big earthquake?
Nobody knows for sure whether the devastating 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Japan were associated with a Supermoon during the same month, but the coincidence is very scary. The Supermoon of last February, revealed itself right before the devastating Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake, and the March Supermoon had ‘doom and gloom’ prophets working overtime. The September 2011 Super Moon will soon be rearing its lunar head soon, so beware and prepare. California is holding the largest earthquake drill in U.S. history the day before the Super-moon. There are two Supermoons remaining in 2011: September 27, 2011, November 25, 2011.
Last year, the February 28th Supermoon coincided with the megathrust 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile, the ‘snow hurricane’ in the Northeastern U.S., and a Pacific Ocean tsunami. With the state government and FEMA signing an emergency plan for a major Los Angeles earthquake, preparedness on the part of Californians is now more crucial than ever. As well, seismology experts are now predicting a major San Francisco Bay earthquake to soon strike on the Hayward Fault. Could the September 27, 2011 Supermoon be the cataclysmic trigger for The Big One?

Source:  Via Cousin Diane, Minnesota Global Rumblings Correspondent

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Friday, July 22, 2011

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