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Thursday, September 08, 2011

"Gate-Rape" by TSA "-Lawsuit

“TSA Rape” BlogPost A Matter of Free Speech?

Excerpt~ "It was absolutely a sexual assault, perpetrated in order to exercise power over the victim."

First Amendment rights on the internet is at the heart of this case

Words of Wisdom: “For those that would surrender liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security" ~ Ben Franklin

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, many will take the time to not only reflect upon the day itself, but also the decade following the WTC attacks. American life has changed dramatically since that day, but it’s not always easy to cite tangible examples of how it has changed.
But sometimes it is. And the TSA is one entity that has gained quite a bit of attention since then. As airports have continued to implement stronger safety measures over the last decade, many have put the Transportation Security Administration into the crosshairs, railing against random searches and pat-downs – which they say violate some of their basic human rights. One thing on which we can all agree – getting patted down in an airport isn’t a whole lot of fun.
What is the limit of free speech on the internet? In a situation where no facts have been entered into the legal record, should someone be able to make accusations in a blog post? Let us know in the comments.
One woman had a particularly nasty experience during a TSA pat-down. According to columnist and blogger Amy Alkon, her experience with a particular TSA agent went way past uncomfortable.
In a blog post, Alkon details a March 31st incident where she accuses a TSA agent of “raping” her with her hand during a public pat-down in Los Angeles.
Alkon writes about her disapproval of the whole procedure in general, saying that the pat-downs are both a physical violation as well as a constitutional one. On that day, she admits that she decided to make a scene on purpose, to bring attention to what she thinks is an unfair act, “to make it uncomfortable for them to violate us and our rights,” she said. So she began sobbing, loudly. According to Alkon, this was what happened next -
Nearing the end of this violation, I sobbed even louder as the woman, FOUR TIMES, stuck the side of her gloved hand INTO my vagina, through my pants. Between my labia. She really got up there. Four times. Back right and left, and front right and left. In my vagina. Between my labia. I was shocked — utterly unprepared for how she got the side of her hand up there. It was government-sanctioned sexual assault.
Upon leaving, still sobbing, I yelled to the woman, “YOU RAPED ME.” And I took her name to see if I could file sexual assault charges on my return. This woman, and all of those who support this system deserve no less than this sort of unpleasant experience, and from all of us.
Apparently, the lawsuit idea fell through as her lawyer told her she had an unwinnable case.
But now, the TSA agent in question is threatening to sue Alkon for her blog post, claiming defamation. Thedala Magee has asked for $500,000 as well as the removal of the blog post.
It doesn’t look like Alkon is going to comply with that request, as she writes today on her blog –
Magee is looking for me to pay her $500K, apologize to her, and take down my blog item about her — because I had the nerve to exercise my First Amendment rights and complain after she jammed her hand sideways into my vagina four times. (Unfortunately for Ms. Magee, I’ve always made a pretty crappy victim.)
She has also gained the services of a First Amendment lawyer named Marc Randazza who is working the case pro bono.
The letter that Magee sent Alkon requesting the monetary damages and the retraction of the “rape” allegations says that the “outbursts in public and writings on the internet” have subjected Magee to “hatred, contempt, and ridicule” and caused her “severe emotional distress, fear, and problems doing her duty.”

Alkon’s lawyer Randazza sent a letter back, saying –

Your client aggressively pushed her fingers into my client’s vulva. I am certain that she did not expect to find a bomb there. She did this to humiliate my client, to punish her for exercising her rights, and to send a message to others who might do the same. It was absolutely a sexual assault, perpetrated in order to exercise power over the victim. We agree with Ms. Alkon’s characterization of this crime as “rape,” and so 
would any reasonable juror.

Full article - Some comments:
  1. Susan Marzipan says:
    I remember the headlines not long ago wherein a very elderly woman, in a wheelchair, was forced by a TSA official to remove her adult diaper before she was deemed fit to board her flight.
    I think when a person is violated by a TSA official, they have every right to speak their outrage on a Blog.
    To this day I hope that woman sues hell out of that TSA official personally, and TSA itself for thinking it has the right to rape a womans dignity like that. Having her expose her female parts in a diaper because some TSA zealot thinks she might be hiding something there, as a potential terrorist.
    It was easier to board an airline when the Soviet Unions Aeroflot was in business. There isn’t another country anywhere on earth wherein it is as abusive and violating as is every airport security check point in America. And that includes China, Russia and Iran!
    Blog posts are free speech and anyone who’s been violated by TSA, when they aren’t able to address TSA themselves or they’ll be arrested, possibly tasered, thrown to the ground by a group of TSA thugs, etc… have every right to speak their outrage somewhere where it stands to be heard!

    Not to mention how TSA officials predispose little kids to being molested by pedophiles, who can pretend to be an official in their own right and feel them up, because prior to that sick encounter the child’s own parent or guardian told them they have to stand still at the airport check point to be felt up by someone there who’s posing as an official.

    I’m waiting for the TSA official who makes a mother remove her newborns diaper, so that TSA pervert can do an anal cavity search of the baby just in case there is an explosive device concealed in the anal cavity.
    That’s how sick and twisted TSA perverts are, not that they know there is no agency able to reign them in. They are an autonomous entity. Or so they want everyone to believe. And thus far, with the Fed turning yellow and away from all the abuses TSA has committed against the traveling public, there’s a reason to believe it will NEVER change!
  2. Phil says:
    The craziness of the TSA is the reason I will not fly anymore. I am innocent until proven guilty. The government and the TSA tell me I am guilty of being a terrorist when I enter an airport or board a cruise ship and it is up to me to prove my innocence. Truly a compromise can be found. In a police interrogation you are presented with the police interpretation and you get a chance to defend yourself. If the TSA would give a reason why the suspect me then I could defend myself accordingly. But that would lead to stereotyping and would probably offend someone.
  3. Jessica Gale says:
    I think the Scotts felt the same when their young daughters would have their Virginity taken by the Sergent of the British Army before they could marry the man they loved. We better stop this before it grows, it is already to far out of control.
    • Michael says:
      If a guy did this to Amy Alkon in a bar, he would be charged, convicted, sent to prison and forced to register as a sex offender for life. So, how is it that so many feel its OK for this to happen before boarding a plane?
      • Youseff says:
        What a great answer! Because it is so very true. This brings up acting under color of law. Meaning, the appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal right. Misues of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible because wrongdoer is clothed with authority of state. Atkins v. Lanning D.C.Okl., 415 F. Supp. 186, 188. AMY – THIS APPLIES TOO!!
        DG says:
        Here’s is the reason that my wife will not fly. At 68 years old she now has a beautiful new niece in California, were in PA and she can’t bring herself to be subjected to this BS. My opinion is we need more people like Ms. Alkon not less . . . if the people (or more appropriately sheeple) had any guts they would boycott the airlines for 30 days and demand that security be taken over by the airlines where it belongs. All this nonsense that “we won’t change our lives because of these 9/11 terrorists” well golly gee we surrendered everything for some perceived security. They just don’t get it – when you move the crowd you move the target. And as Ben Franklin said “for those that would surrender liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security”.
        • Michael says:
          I wonder how many people actually know who Ben Franklin is, let alone his words of wisdom quoted in your post.
gate-rape" by a TSA "officer

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Search & Win

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:49 PM

    The united states government is really disgusting they don't mind blowing up innocent people children and all. So women and children being raped is not of much concern for them either.
    Good luck Amy Alkon.


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