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Friday, September 02, 2011

Comet Elenin a False Flag Event?

Staged by NASA - HAARP Tectonic Warfare coming right along with 2012 Mayan Calendar, Hopi's and the Biblical Prophecies?  

~ Think Apocalypse.  End of the Age.

Is all this Comet Elenin hoopla part of Project Blue Beam's preparation?

Some interesting points in this video by  ~  
However I believe we DID go to the moon - several times, perhaps even Mars; that's another whole topic. And I do agree that chemtrails are not contrails.

Uploaded by  on Aug 24, 2011

links below--NASA Chemcloud Chart -
the link above is to my video on more of NASA'S brainwashing,its a killer video,its starts out with a few of the same pics in the beginning of this video,but as it gets going,you will blow your mind at the weird chem clouds they are calling nature..not to be missed ! watch it now.

sorry my reading sucks & my editing is non existent in this vlog,but get the point with my out of the box look on comet Elenin ,hoax or no hoax ? that is the is the letter from NASA to the white house , i think the white house helped conjure it up,so the whole staged hoax looks more plausible & legitimate .

comet Elenin may never have been a threat or even real,or even breaking up,if the nwo funded science empire NASA are the ones behind comet Elenin's details and updates,then who knows what is really being schemed behind the scenes ,the media is all smoke and mirrors ,i think the threat is haarp tectonic warfare attacks schemed behind natural disasters ..remember,what we are being told on the media and airwaves has been staged for one purpose,to keep us uninformed..

This on line S'cool chart for kids by NASA is 98% chem trails and artificial sky cover, NASA knows damn well these are not contrails,yet they try to brainwash our children,its despicable..

look at this garbage from nasa,total brainwashing--
NASA has 100% participation in the construction and fabrication of star wars/haarp/weather wars/blue beam's holographic weapons agendas etc,they build the spaced based lasers involved in the geo engineering agenda/weather wars operation's,also they help create the plasmas that are destroying our atmosphere with these covert chemclouds.NASA also builds the ground based gyro-tron stations etc that work with the harp/bluebeam/spaced based lasers etc..NASA IS THE DARK SIDE,all with a smile on its fn face.

HAARP has 3 major weapons-system components:
• Space-based component: HAARP weaponizes the Earth's Ionosphere.
• Air-based component: HAARP uses chemtrails as a frequency reflector from its ground and space base, and as a binary weapons system against the human population.
• Ground-based component: HAARP ground stations energize HAARP (Alaska; Greenland; Norway; Australia,Hawaii ( know there are many un accounted for)
• HAARP has numerous reported applications as a weapons system:
• SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative) Radiofrequency weapon
• Environmental warfare - Weather & earthquake warfare
• Space Warfare System
• Missile Defense System
• Scalar energy warfare against land and population targets, including cities, industrial sites, buildings, populations and individuals
• ELF weapon with electromagnetic harassment and mood manipulation of target populations and individuals.
• Biological & binary weapons against populations (with chemtrails component)
• Psyops electromagnetic imagery integrated with Project Blue Beam

open your conformed minds,allow your consciousness to expand beyond the media's brainwashing and suppression.
i have been putting a lot into detoxing my body,quitting old habits,bettering myself,i have been trying to rebuild my body,my heart and my soul,so doing these youtube videos is even harder when im heavily cleansing my body,but i made myself get this video created because i felt it was important for you all to keep a open mind ,i do predict some man made haarping on its way,THIS MAY BE ANOTHER FALSE FLAG EVENT . in Hawaii we rarely get any clear days anymore,the once pristine skies are now a plasmic,weaponized warfare zone 3/4 of the time,the military gives us stooped natives just enough clear days so we fantasize we still reside in paradise ,but in reality,Hawaii was stolen, illegally occupied by the navy and marines for hardcore military housing,training,pacific dominion ,geo engineering agenda fabrication/haarp experimentation..the military knew HAARP & plasma blanketed skies could get blamed on vog,dust that spews from the volcano,the could easily hide behind the so called "volcanic activity "out here..we have had earthquakes with characteristics of never before,and to often..



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  1. Anonymous1:17 AM

    good god that women is either totally nutty or a dis-info agent

  2. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Is this another NWO organized event? Yes!
    Does NASA have a history of deception? You bet!
    Is HAARP for real? Definitely!
    Is Project Blue Beam operational? Of course!
    Have chemtrails weaponized the stratosphere? Y
    Is Leonid Elenin an illuminati dupe? Oh yeah!
    Is Comet Elenin for real? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    I love you for trusting your intuition and looking at all the pieces of the puzzle.

    All the world's a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances,
    And one man in his time plays many parts,
    His acts being seven ages.


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