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Friday, September 02, 2011

Apparent IR source near Mercury?

From Bernie via TimeStar:

Go to

Set the zoom 8 notches up from the bottom setting.

In the top left search box put "Mercury"

When the Mercury symbol appears, hit "infrared" top right of screen, with the slider hard right....  it's a toggle switch.

Anyone know what that massive IR source about 8 o'clock from Mercury is?  R.A. 9hrs 48m, Dec 13 degrees 19minutes north.

I don't, but I'm not an astronomer!  Also - is this site in real time?

The Sun's R.A now is 10h 50m, and Dec 7 degrees 30 minutes.  ( )

An exploding galaxy?  A brown dwarf?

Any serious knowledgeable and factual information gratefully received!  (Yes, of course Nibiru, PX comes to mind - but I am a great believer in eliminating the known before speculating into the unknown!)
Thanks - Bernie.

Global Rumblings Blogger Note:  Yes, I reiterate, any serious knowledgeable, and factual information is indeed gratefully received.  

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