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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What is This Fire Falling in South America?

A Meteor? The Close Flyby Asteroid Jun 27?

by NYC812 on Jun 28, 2011

No information posted as to where this was video'd or exactly when.  Was it a piece of the asteroid that came close Jun 27?  Was it the asteroid itself?

The Daily Mail reports:
An asteroid the size of a large house will zip within 8,000 miles of Earth at about midday on Monday.
That’s at least double the size of the asteroids that have previously been observed so close to Earth.
Called 2011 MD, the asteroid was discovered late on Wednesday by an automated asteroid-hunting telescope run by the MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s LINEAR programme, which has already discovered more than 2,000 near-Earth objects. Within 24 hours, four other groups confirmed the discovery, according to the New Scientist website.
The Minor Planet Center at Harvard University does not rate 2011 MD as potentially hazardous because its size – calculated from its brightness – is estimated to be betweein 24ft and 55ft. That would make an impressive explosion if it hit the atmosphere, but it wouldn’t reach the ground.
On its current pass, 2011 MD won’t hit Earth’s atmosphere. It will come inside the orbits of many communications and spy satellites, but will still be some 7,750 miles away from the International Space Station. However, reports that the encounter is close for Earth’s gravity to ‘sharply alter the asteroid’s trajectory’.

Asteroid close miss of Earth June 27

MD 2011
An asteroid the size of an RV motor home will narrowly miss striking Earth on June 27.

An asteroid the size of an RV motor home will narrowly miss striking Earth on June 27,according to the U.S. space agency NASA.
The relatively small asteroid, named 2011 MD, will pass within 12,300 kilometers (7,600 miles) of Earth’ surface over the south Pacific ocean at its closest point at around 1:00 P.M. Eastern on June 27, the Washington Post reports. Asteroid 2011 MD is a new discovery, made on June 22 by the twin robotic telescopes of LINEAR in New Mexico.
NASA says that the asteroid 2011 MD poses no danger to Earth. But it will pass close enough to have its path in space strongly bent by the tug of Earth’s gravity. In general, thousands of pieces of small space debris like asteroid 2011 MD vaporize harmlessly in Earth’s atmosphere, some lighting the night sky as meteors. Astronomer Neil Tyson remarked on Twitter about asteroid 2011 MD, “Not to worry – any more than usual. Close encounters happen all the time. We’ve gotten better at detecting them.”
by Jorge Salazar 

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  1. Difficult to say with any certainty without having a date for the video but a European Space Agency supply vehicle was purposely destroyed during re-entry on Tuesday June 21. Any pieces surviving re-entry were targeted for the South Pacific and the re-entry may well have been visible in South America.


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