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Monday, June 13, 2011

"Get a Bunker Now"

So, what's coming?  Planet X, earthquakes, more disasters?  
Do you suppose FEMA would give these to us now..All of us?  Don't think so.

Follow the money.  

Uploader Comments (mfromcanada1)

  • I agree with bloodtar, if the earths plates shift it can create mountains so anything you bury underground is going to become an expensive tomb and nothing is going to stop it.
  • @AwohaliSagwu Perhaps it is better not to hunt for a cave. I was thinking of putting hay bales around the house.
  • They will fail. And you might just be surprised at who will really survive. It's called irony or poetic justice. Those who seek to destroy the earth and its inhabitants will themselves be destroyed. A basic law of physics...for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. They can dig as deep as they want....but they can't hide from the hand of God.
  • @aranelinya I hope there is justice truly. I have seen so much injustice it is really hard to endure. Much love.
  • cool, make one under your house.. just dont tell no one or order a permit in your real name..
  • @rulesofethics I knew some people who were old folks and they dug themselves a basement in their own house with shovels.

Top Comments

  • NIce expensive tomb.
  • we should all get together and take theses fucking bunkers back i say back because we paid for them am ready for this war am sick of this shit why should the elite live fuck them what have they ever done for us we need to take action now before its to late
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  • @mfromcanada1 I'm not laughing at the idea at all... Fallout is a video game series based in an alternate U.S. post-apocalyptic world and many of the survivors of a large scale nuclear war survived by structures built into mountains and the like called Vaults... That is all I was laughing about.
  • Very reminiscent of Vaults from Fallout haha.
  • Unfortunately, these Arcs are nothing more than expensive tombs. The creator being has arrived in the flesh and the collective consciousness will not allow the innocent to perish. The Pleiadians and the Kavians are here also, in order to complete the creator's thoughts, which is to help the humans develop their spirits. The Kavians are the key to the world changing its vibration to a higher level. Kavians are being of pure thought, which precedes beings of pure light.
  • Psalm 91 will suffice for me - but it does make sense that if your not going to surrender your life to Christ then by all means get a bunker because you will need it - meteorite storms are on their way in the not too distant future, wouldnt it be easier just to obey the Lord then to hoard all that wealth & spend it on your self only to have smashed to oblivion ??? Choose you this day whom you will serve - as for me & my house we will serve the Lord !
  • They are not telling humanity because the economic system would shut down as people would stop working and buying crap. They need our money to build these things. That is what this entire attack on the middle class has been about. Everything else that has been happening in the world to keep people off-balance and distracted has served to further hide this. THIS is what it has ALL been about.
  • I think there will be people who survive outside of those bunkers. And take a few minutes to think about the type of people who will be the majority in those things. Now would you want to be living near them at all? Not me. I am glad I can't afford to even think about it; I will take my chances elsewhere.

Uploaded by  on Feb 27, 2011
ARC American Reassurance Communities What cities will have an ARC Bunker Complex?

Currently, ARC Bunkers will be located in the following 38 cities:

In alphabetical order: Albuquerque NM, Atlanta GA, Austin TX, Baltimore MD, Boston MA, Charlotte NC, Chicago IL, Columbus OH, Dallas TX, Denver CO, Detroit MI, El Paso TX, Fort Worth TX, Fresno CA, Houston TX, Huntsville AL, Indianapolis IN, Jacksonville FL, Kansas City KS, Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA, Louisville KY, Memphis TN, Mesa AZ, Milwaukee WI, Nashville TN, New York NY, Oklahoma City OK, Philadelphia PA, Phoenix AZ, Portland OR, San Antonio TX, San Diego CA, San Francisco CA, San Jose CA, Seattle WA, Tucson AZ, and Washington DC.

How long would I have/need to stay in a shelter?

For nuclear weapons, 60-90 days is the established time period if you are close to ground zero. After this time the radiation levels are almost normal. For chemical weapons, the persistence time can be set to be potent for 1-20 days. For violent storms, a few days would be the max, for a meteor impact, depending on the surface damage, the sun could be blocked-out for up to three years, making life on the surface almost unbearable and impossible to grow any produce or raise livestock. ARCs are our "reassurance" and responsibility to our families that even in uncertain times, a safe and comfortable place is prepared for us, so that we may live to see the future and be as prepared as we can be!

What disasters am I safe from?

ARC Bunkers protect from Flood, Fire, Nuclear Attack, Earthquakes, Meteor Impact, Hurricanes, Chemical Attack, Solar Flares, Volcanic Eruptions, even submerged under 200 feet of water; almost any kind of natural or man-made disaster, ARC Bunkers are virtually indestructible.

There is great speculation about 2012 and potential disasters of all sorts. When (AND IF) any kind of disaster awaits us in the future, it only makes sense to prepare ourselves (like we do with life insurance) consider an ARC Bunker = life ASSURANCE!

What is the cost for a spot in an ARC Bunker?

Membership starts at $45,000 per person for a lifetime membership. But before you pay for a membership, find out if you qualify for a FREE membership. About 30% of ARC members receive a Green-Pass, which is a discounted membership ranging from a 50% discount to a FREE membership; depending on useful and helpful backgrounds; afterall, this is a functioning underground community with government, teachers, doctors, laborers, scientist, military personnel, a church, restaurants, livestock, exercise facilities, even a jail for the unruly.

What is a "GREEN-PASS"?

A "GREEN-PASS" belongs to an individual with certain skills; for example, a doctor, a high ranking elected official, school teachers, horticulturist, all these professions contribute certain skills that are beneficial and needed in any community, including an ARC Bunker.

To learn if you qualify for a Green-Pass membership! Request an application by submitting an email request to

What are the different levels of memberships?

Basic Membership is $45,000.00 USD per person
Delux Membership is $60,000.00 per person (minimum 4 persons)
Premi Membership is $79,000.00 per person (minimum 4 persons)
Condo Membership is $99,000.00 per person (minimum 4 persons)
Custom Membership is priced upon needs and has no minimums or maximums

All memberships include food, water, utilities, everything needed to survive in total comfort for UP TO 60 MONTHS off-grid. No money is used during operational times. Once you are inside for protection, the bunker is sealed and no one enters or leaves until the allsafe sign is given. It could be hours, days, weeks, months or years.

A Basic Membership provides a private bunk in a 22-person dormitory. No pets allowed in dorms.

A Deluxe Membership provide a private unit, which includes 2 bed rooms, 1 bath, living area, kitchenette, sleeping for a minimum of four people and up to six people. (582 sq ft) One small pet allowed.

A Premium Membership provides a private unit, which includes 3 bed rooms, 2 baths, living area, kitchen, sleeping for a minimum of four people and up to eight people. (873 sq ft) One small pet allowed.

A Condo Membership provides a private unit, which includes 4 bed rooms, 3 baths, living area, kitchen, dining, sleeping for a minimum of four people and up to eight people. (1164 sq ft) One small pet allowed.

A Custom Membership is priced upon request. Entire article here:




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  1. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Yes, President Obama did tour the ARC Bunker Complex in Arkansas last month. The tour was part or COG in reference to the President being in the area during a national emergency or catastrophy. ARC19 is equipped with SATCOM and is only a backup bunker. I was a Captain at the time and have since retired. Crazy stuff is about to happen. God Bless and good luck!


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