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Monday, June 27, 2011

Cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes meowing

My cats have been acting strange lately, but so far, they aren't barking.

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Children's follow up to this video: 

Uploaded by  on Jun 22, 2011
Two girls react to a cat that sits in a window barking like a dog and then starts meowing when a human is spotted. We think this cat is funny and cute. Never saw a barking cat until we watched the hilarious video where a cat gets caught barking by a human and then resumes meowing.

Do you think that all cats bark when people are not looking? Do they live in an alternate reality where they speak other animal languages and talk like humans? We thought we have seen it all considering we travel and vacation around the world very often.

Is it funny that a cat would stop barking and start to meow when it see's a person holding the camera? Are we seeing barking cats or are they coughing up hairballs?

If you have any funny cat or dog videos and would like to share them with us then be sure to post them here as a video response.

You may find more funny and cute cat videos on our channel. Here is a link to one of our cute cat videos.
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To find the original video when the cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes meowing you may click on the video link or visit their channel called noobdaily and see www.noob.u

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1 comment:

  1. OMG ! ! Even my CAT said this was hilarious ! !


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