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Monday, June 20, 2011

Breaking: No-Fly Zones Rapidly Increasing Across US-Unprecedented!

As Events Ramp-Up

And the saga continues…

By Shepard Ambellas
The Intel Hub
June 18, 2011
As you know I have been following the earth changes since the event that many believe place around June 6, 2011. I have documented the new norther sunrise and have received hundreds of reports from around the world.
Local reports in and around the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant suggest that the waters are expected to rise at least 5 more feet.
Suspicious military movements have been spotted within the Continental United States, including unmarked vehicles and soldiers.
Not only has the FAA issued a temporary NO FLY ZONE near the Nebraska nuclear plant, they have issued over 36 in the last 13 days

Update June 20th: Now Cooper Nuclear Station Issues “Notification of Unusual Event” and Is Under a No Fly Zone

The Missouri River flooding has claimed another nuclear power plant. 

The Cooper Nuclear Station outside of Brownsville, NE has issued a “Notification of Unusual Event” on June 19th, 2011. 

This plant is still online until the water level reaches another three feet.
Since the Fort Peck Dam is at capacity, the Army Corps of Engineers will be releasing water through mid August.
Cooper Nuclear Station

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station
From Techyum
Meanwhile, back in Nebraska: The Forth Calhoun Nuclear Generating Station is currently on an island in the Missouri River. No, it wasn’t on an island until the recent flooding…that whole being-on-an-island thing is new. I came to it because someone sent me an email with the quote, taken from a comment (not a post) on SFSIst, that said, and I quote:
“In other news, we have a level-4 emergency alert at the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant, which is now under water as a result of the Missouri River flooding and The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is advising people to avoid contact with the Missouri River altogether.”
First and foremost, the reason the Kansas Department of Health and Environment advised people to avoid contact with the Missouri River is (they claimed) because the flood could sweep “pathogens” into the water. That comment leads one to believe that the Missouri is about to become radioactive because of a release of radioactive material from Ft. Calhoun. That is not the case — at least, not insofar as public information is available. Could it be a smokescreen? Sure, but I see no indication of that, given that there’s been no reported release at all from Ft. Calhoun, no meltdown, no core damage, no irregularities in any core, just a bit of a problem cooling fuel rods…no big deal. Not that it’s not a big deal, exactly…but I donot see the faintest hint of a “level 4 emergency” — which is to say, basically, a radiation release.
And that “level 4″ tag is significant here, because Fukushima was a Level 4 for a while. So check it: A “ level-4 emergency,” on the International Nuclear Event Scale would be kind of a big deal north of Omaha. (Or anywhere…but that’s, you know, like, in my country and stuff, so I get kinda worked up.). A level-4 event would mean something like either at least one death from radiation, or damage to a small part of a reactor core (0.1%) or “Release of significant quantities of radioactive material within an installation with a high ­probability of significant public exposure,” which would be indicated if you were to, say, assume that the Missouri was being irradiated and that’s the “real” reason Kansas doesn’t want you to drink the water…not because it has cow poop in it.

NOTAMS Rising - Along With Fires
By George Ure
Urban Survival News

NOTAM's are Notice To Airmen, right?  Can't help but notice the FAA has a no-fly zone in the Jasper Texas area.  Some kind of relief work, likely the Jasper County fires down around Lufkin, TX, only restricted to 1,000 AGL, though.

The Southwest is stuck in all kinds of wildfires and as we noted over the weekend in our Peoplenomics report, this is not yet July and fires are running way ahead of everyone's recent memory.

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