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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Be Careful for What You Wish, or

Don't be surprised....

First you'll get 

A dissertation on being careful what you wish for

Since the "Vote For Me" bait the current renter at 1600 Pennsy Avenue seems to be most fond of is that "Green Jobs" will be the salvation of the economy, and since a significant part of the population (and, by extension, the electorate) appears to have swallowed that hook, line, and sinker, I've got a small cautionary tale for you, courtesy of a Daown Eastah who watched the whole thing play out from the rocker on his front porch.

You've gotta remember something about Libs: they're pathologically incapable of foreseeing anything but rosy results from their actions-- and they're certainly incapable of foreseeing the consequences of them...

Funniest tale up here about the Green side was the war they waged on the last nuke plant in Maine -- Maine Yankee in Wiscasset.

The Greenies -- most of 'em internal immigrants from places like Brooklyn -- howled and protested and whined for years that they wanted it shut down!

They clogged the courts, disrupted traffic, and just were a huge PITA for years. Then suddenly, without warning, the plant shut down almost overnight.

The Greenies were drunk with joy! They had won against all the odds!

Peace will reign again!

Gaia has been saved from the clutches of evil, greedy, corporationists!
Until someone realized that they *weren't* going to get free power from Canada to replace the free power they'd been getting from MY.

And the good citizens of Wiscasset discovered that *they* now had to pay the taxes to provide the money to support the schools, police, fire, roads, etc that had previously been paid by Maine Yankee. 

All taxes to real property tripled (at least) overnight. 

Ohhh...the howling could be heard three towns away!

But... but... but It had seemed like such a good idea at the time...

Oh, well. At least that evil nuclear plant is shut down and the radioactive materials have been removed and—

Wait. What? 

All the nuclear materials are still there, stored in barrels... because the stuff can't be moved... because of all the regs the Greenies got written into state laws. 

Now it'll be there forever…

So... MY got closed in exchange for very high electric costs, triple property taxes, an 80-90% hike in taxes to pay for the town’s operating expenses, and the same pile of radioactive fuel is still there... except now it’s sitting 200 feet from where it used to be, and it's not generating anything except concern. 

And oh, yeah... now it’s no longer inside a containment shell, either…
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