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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Super-massive 'vortex' from last night, spawns HUGE storm today

Super-massive man made 'vortex' from last night, spawns HUGE storm today

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Some comments:
  • This is unbelievable!  I am 18 miles away from Fort Calhoun...which is severely flooded already. I am wondering if I should get the hell out of here for a while....but I don't know what to do...It's not like it's just me. My husband, my teen and our animals. Makes it more difficult to do anything! It just makes me sick!
  • @AwakenamI I personally think you should high tail it out of there. Being that there's now a "media blackout" regarding that nuclear plant... That means it's bad. Please leave there for your family's sake if you can.

  • @listentothis1 You must be new to this site... Yes, all the states along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers are getting slammed with rain, tornadoes, floods, and Nuclear plant problems which will be much worse as the flooding gets worse. The Corps of Engineers is predicting that the towns along the Missouri River will be uninhabitable in many areas for 6 to 8 months to come.... farmlands are underwater, thus wonder where the world will get much of its food for the next couple years. And more.
  • @AwakenamI don't feel bad, we all will be fleeing soon! & soon there will be no where to flee.
  • Google "Joplin Storm Manipulation"
  • @jstark069 Thanks for the encouragement. I have been prepping since 1999, and have never regretted it. Y-2K may have been a false alarm ( or maybe not) but I have needed my prepping supplies numerous times in the last ten years, and many of my neighbors have come to me for water when their pipes froze, or MUD cut them off. Its the best Insurance I know of!! for many things, including losing your job. Of course, all my friends and family think Im nuts...till their pipes freeze.

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