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Sunday, June 12, 2011

ALERT, NASA: All Employees PREPARE! Disasters Coming

~ NASA's Bolden is mentioning particular parts of the US (the Great Lakes Area; The Gulf Coast and The West Coast). He's talking about how he was concerned about NASA's family prepardness after participating in a FEMA exercise called "Eagle Horizon".

Why even mention these particular areas? They know something. They're subtly letting us know. Officially. ~
from a comment at YouTube site
This email was fowarded to me from a friend. He said all NASA employees got this in their email today.... J. Catteras, Gateway to Heaven

******** Re The Original Email ********
Point of Contact: Darrius Lewis, Mission Support Directorate, NASA Headquarters, 202-358-0608,
 jcattera on Jun 10, 2011:

Interesting timing here with only 3 months away! Can you see they're slowly leaking it out without alarming too many folks at once?

I received word today (June 10, 2011) that NASA sent out a mass email to all NASA employees with this following link regarding, "Family/Personal Preparedness".

Page Last Updated: June 9, 2011
Page Editor: Mary Shouse
NASA Official: Brian Dunbar

By August 1st, 2011, everyone will know what's coming. This is why you want to be at your safe zones on or before August 1, 2011. When everyone finds out, too many people will be doing the same thing you're doing, and you don't want to find yourselves stuck.

If NASA is attempting to prepare their employees by telling their families to prepare, I am even more convinced than ever that we DO INDEED HAVE A BINARY STAR TWIN APPROACHING, and it's about to get ugly.

The CDC recently sent out a ridiculous "zombie" apocalypse warning?

The Bilderberg meeting is currently taking place, and all the media/press wants to talk about is some congressman's wang?

More than one movie coming out about a new solar system object, plus NBC's The Event finale with a new planet!!?

It's about to hit the fan people and all this talk about Sept/Oct 2011 looks more and more to be the real deal folks.

I hope you're all ready! God Bless!     J. Catteras, Gateway to Heaven

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  1. Take the word of an obama appointee ? ?

    The one appointed for the purpose of shepherding NASA out of existence ? ?

    Not on your life, and ESPECIALLY NOT ON MINE ! ! !

  2. Anonymous6:25 AM

    They are preparing you for the biggest, deadliest hoax the world has ever seen... and they are going to use 'Haarp Systems' to do so.
    (Ultra-Low & Ultra-High Electro-Magnetic frequencies) & we will see Massive waves, Earth Quakes & Tornados (Caused by the haarps not Nibiru) almost all info on web about haarps is is disinformation & absolute crap.

    the only vague truth about the haarps on the web is a song i found here:

    And as for the Nibiru crossing that may well happen but this event wont occur for 25-70 years not oct 2011 or 2012. And its a little to convenient that the Giant Holograph Machine now works perfect & projects and almost perfect Bluey Green Planet that takes up the entire sky as far as the eye can see.

    in conclusion with the combination of the Haarps & this giant 3D Hologram now successfully tested & the Niburu (Planet X) Seed planted into peoples minds.
    a hoax is comming that will put Orson Welles 1938 broadcast to shame.

    anywayz I enjoyed reading your blog. thanks. keep posting.

  3. Anonymous8:59 PM

    The day before the NASA video FEMA posted the notice that on November 9th 2011 at 2PM they will be undertaking the 1st test of the national emergency response alert system. At 2PM on 11/9/11 FEMA will take up to 3.5 minutes to control the airwaves. This is fact. It is posted on FEMA's website and it is was posted the day before NASA's video "warning". There are no coincidences.


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