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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Australia -- sinkhole, and then pumice washes ashore

6/29/2011 -- Frazer Island, Australia -- sinkhole, and then pumice washes ashore

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  • sea floors been rising almost 13 ft a day surrounding austrailia, blessings for all Humanity
  • @billsawakened say WHAT???!!!
  • its the biggest sand island in the world ,it`s always moving around . parts get eroded and other areas get built up.
    Also i live near fraser island and we have pumice here to in the sand , has been for millions of years .its everywhere around this area from the humock volcanoe thats been extinct for millions of years.
    These people are tourist and dont have local knowledge.
    Also that wasnt liquidfaction any surfer will tell you thats surf throth that comes from wave action mixed with organics
  • @BIGHAIRYSILVERBALLS so you're saying nothing to see here move along please?
  • @dutchsinse o also at @ 4:59 you will see the wave action causing wave throth on the shore line , mix that with sand and organic matter like clays and you get that dirty looking surf throth that everyone seems to think is quicksand or liquidfaction , i see this after any big swell on the beach where there been erosion or dirty water run off, sorry for carrying on so much just thought you would apreciate getting this settled.
  • @BIGHAIRYSILVERBALLS right on... its good to hear this .... and if anything else happens try to get a shot of it.. so rumor doesn't run amok! .. cheers mate

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