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Friday, January 14, 2011

Why Did the Government Tear Down Nicola Tesla's Tower?


? why did the government tear it down ?
From Dr. Jim McCanney: 
? why are we paying for polluting power of oil, coal and nuclear power ?
? now that my theoretical work has rediscovered the principles of the TESLA tower and unlimited free electrical power from the ionosphere (as printed in my book ATLANTIS TO TESLA - THE KOLBRIN CONNECTION) why are we not pursuing this free energy on a world wide scale ?
 we know the military quickly built such a tower last july (only a few short weeks after the release of my ATLANTIS TO TESLA book on the july 7, 2003 Coast to Coast program ... listen to the C2C archive for that release) near Kanata Canada and when they tapped into the ionosphere (the idiots did not put any control electronics on their tower) the surge blew out the north east electric power grid corridor - the recent Dept of Energy report was another cover up of this mess (sighting the "cause" as due to a tree falling over a power  line in rural Ohio) 
Dr. Jim McCanny

Book: Atlantis to Tesla

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  1. Tesla's genius and inventions have lived in shadow for nearly a century due to their Military value and "game changing" potential. Stealth technology and sonic weaponry are but two of his "toys", light bending and dimensional theory which makes Einstein's work look like child's play are among many others. He built a wireless light bulb which was powered by the energy field surrounding it (not by chemically stored solar or battery power). It is widely rumored that he knew the secret to perpetual motion, the golden fleece of the whole world of science. He held nearly 300 patents and allowed many of his inventions into the public domain rather than battle for royalties. I strongly recommend perusal of the Wikipedia page on Tesla. Given today's technology, Tesla could have taken us to the stars, ironically it was Tesla who largely gave us today's technology.


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