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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are Stanley Fulham's Predictions Starting to Come True?

Revisioned April 7, 2011

Stanley A. Fulham predicted the New York UFO Fleet Sighting ...

Oct 27, 2010 ... Stanley A. Fulham (or Stan Fulham). The New York UFO Fleet Sighting over Manhattan october 13, 2010, were no surprise to retired NORAD ...

Book Review from Amazon:

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5.0 out of 5 stars Could be counterintelligence, disinformationOctober 2, 2010
Charles Seiler (Spokane, WA USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Challenges of Change, Book 1 (Paperback)
Be warned, I do not think this book is completely honest. The general overview appears correct, but there appears to be some serious disinformation thrown into the mix. It appears to be a very clever story with some truth, some half truth, and some disinformation, all mixed together. Unless you are discerning reader who is VERY well versed in fringe science, you won't be able to know what's real and what's not. 

I am not a skeptic. But some of the channeled information in "Challenges of Change" directly aligns with the public media, and not with the information from other channeled ET books. What I'm trying to say is that this book sounds like it was written by a secret government group or intelligent ET race trying to confuse the public. It was a really good book, and I think most of it was actually true, but a few things appear to be intentionally wrong. 

I've heard that channelers can be fooled because anyone with the psychic capabilities can come forward and give out the wrong information to the person doing the subconscious channeling. I think that may be the case here. This book was very entertaining and it does contain some very good information, but there are a few glaring problems as follows: 

1.) In this book the ETs say we cannot figure out ET spacecraft because we haven't figure out the way the mind interfaces with the real alien spacecraft that we have recovered. The problem: Ben Rich, the head of Lockheed skunkworks, admitted that we can already travel amongst the stars, meaning we already having equivalent craft that can travel amongst the stars. CONTRADICTION 

2.) The Transcendors in this book say that Co2 is rising 1% per year, and will be to 22% in the next 10 years. Where is the evidence? I have no reason not to believe it, but there is nothing to corroborate it. It agrees with the public media and government, so I am not sure if this is just part of a scare tactic, or if it is really true? I've not been able to find this information in any other ET books yet, so I need to corroborate it. 

3.) A major problem! The channeled information in this book says that the WTC towers were collapsed by jet fuel alone, not explosives, and were not an inside job, but were done by the so called "terrorists." The channeled information even says that building #7 collapsed merely as a result of the proper resonance effect, because the building was on Ley lines and it just naturally imploded down on itself because of the other towers causing a vibration. I cannot buy this story at all, there is no evidence of this anywhere. 

4.) The book goes into a lengthy discussion at the end warning of global destruction through high Co2, terrorist bombs, and the complete destruction of the Earth, to which they offer only one solution, which is for millions of people to die before the aliens step in, or option 2, our only viable option, ask for help from ETs before we start dying. A major focus of the book is on how bad the terrorists are, it doesn't even give mention to the fake terror alerts and propaganda regarding terrorism. This grim outlook is so grim, that I find it hard to believe. 

This book has some important information, but the over the top information focusing on terrorism, and the WTC towers collapsing merely because of jet fuel, leads me to believe that it was written to confuse people and support the agenda. I am not 100% sure, because I don't have all the answers. But I would be very careful reading this book, because it contains some very powerful negative information, which could affect our reality. If this information is true, then we are doomed as a society without the immediate help of the aliens. However, I am going to do something I never do, and remain skeptical on this information until I can corroborate it. 

Because of the contradictory nature of this book, with facts that cannot be corroborated, I do not recommend it to the general audience. If you have already read every fringe science book there is, then you definitely need to get this book so you can validate my hypothesis that this book "may" be disinformation. To get a copy of this book, search GOOGLE and you can buy it from a small personal website, that is what I did, and it worked great. See this link for more information about how disinformation with channeling works: 


In this review, I meant no disrespect to the author, who is clearly intelligent and kind, and who has tried his best to give real information. I mean no harm in giving this review, it is only my current opinion based on what I've researched in the last 13 years.

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