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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Great Wikiflood, The Intensifying Apocalypse and Your Two Choices

A drama of global and epic proportions is
being played out as the forces of exploitation
confront the forces of non-exploitation.
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Alice prepares to meet the Jabberwocky. Every story humans tell is merely a reflection of their own human dramas. Alice represents oppressed humanity and the jabberwocky represents the oppressors of humanity. The fight need not necessitate violence and the revolution must be non violent if we are to create something different. The fighting that characterizes most of our stories/movies is simply a metaphor for our perennial struggle against the forces of oppression.
I have been reporting since November of 2008, that the emergent culture phenomena is on a collision course with the failing Current World System.
The emergent culture is defined by the growth of democratizing trends or those of us committed to pro-ecosocio models based on non-exploitation, transparency, non-violence, ecological sensitivity and egalitarian values.
The Current World System or the prevailing culture is characterized by authoritarian structures (centralized government) built upon the foundation of “might makes right” (police state, biggest stick), deception, exploitation, ecological indifference, gender imbalance and violence (militarism).
As you can see the values of the emergent culture are diametrically opposed to those of the Current World System. The Current World System is in rapid decline and losing more and more of its members as the truth gets out.
On the other hand the emergent culture is growing rapidly as people seek egalitarian and ecosocio sensitive cultural models to replace the disastrous system we now have. What kind of a scenario does the foregoing point to?
The model of exploitation perpetuated by the Current World System is possible only through deception and subterfuge. But as people learn about the actual workings of the Current World System they will cease to support it and they will want to join with those offering the opposite. Who wants to be exploited?
The Current World System will have to prevent the conversion of its members in order to sustain itself and that means stifling the free flow of information.
Censorship will not go over well with the emergent culture because they see the free flow of uncensored information as the means by which to begin solving and mitigating our ecosocio problems local and global. As you can see we have an arm wrestling match of epic proportions on our hands. 

The End of the Current
World System is at Our Doorstep
The “End of the World” motif or apocalypse
refers to the collapse of the Current World System.
The “End of the World” motif
has been mythically expressed, is historically assured,
scientifically calculated and we now have experiential validation.

Mythically Expressed: The Apocalypse

The 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. Western history since its foundation over 5000 years ago is highlighted by its rapacious climb to empire followed by its decline or apocalypse. That is the pattern of all civilizations thus far. We will have an opportunity to once and for all destroy the mechanisms that allow for empires to rear their ugly heads.
Religious, spiritual, philosophical ormythosophicalrenderings of worldly existence understand the cyclical nature of our reality, its recurrent themes and human patterns of action and reaction.
The last chapter of a culture’s mythos pertains to end times or more precisely to periods of intense decline and subsequent regeneration.
The Greek word apocalypse means “uncovering or revealing what has been hidden.” In other words, the revelation of new truths and/or falsehoods.
Hence the biblical Book of Revelation and its treatment of its end of the world scenario. The telling phrase throughout the Book of Revelation is the “whole world would be deceived“.
The Book of Revelation was not referring to our time period, but to that of the authors. Christians insist its a prophetic text, but that is because Christians have become mythically illiterate.
The author of the Book of Revelation knew well enough that the culture he was witness to, the unholy Roman Empire, was built upon deception and injustice and therefore its Achilles heel would be the truth of justice.
He knew that sooner or later the truth would catch up with the deceitful and when it did it would spell doomsday for the dominant social order. And as we know the Roman Empire did indeed succumb under the weight of its own excesses. Imperial excesses mean injustice and justice follows injustice.
What was true back then about the dynamics of justice are still true today and that is why the metaphor of apocalypse applies to our present situation. For more on the true meaning of prophecy see Prophecy Demystified.
The dynamic implied by apocalypse is that our mental construct or understanding of the world is held in place by nothing more than ideas that have formed in our minds.
Please see The Delusions, the Deluders and “the Truth” How Culture Programs your Mind for the details of how our ideas are formed for usuntil we learn how to deprogram and reprogram ourselves according to the values we want to express and support.
We all know the mental-emotional devastation that is wrought when we discover that we have been deceived or mistaken about the actuality of something. The old mental-emotional state breaks down and is then transformed into a new mental-emotional condition.
Wikileaks or the disclosure of information that exposes the actuality of things is the surest manifestation of the ongoing apocalypse.
Millions know that governments and corporations can’t be trusted in the least, but thousands of millions don’t know the full extent or magnitude of the religious and secular deception that has been going on for thousands of years.
Imperialist civilizations are made possible by exploiting the ignorance of a systematically cultivated subject class.
Wikileaks is a rapidly developing cultural theme (meme) referring to disclosure, revealment and purification.
Wikileaks is a growing trend, a movement and a process that will ultimately result in the rectification and reformulation of governments, corporations and all institutions is general.
The Establishment will try to halt the revealment process and has perhapsalready co-opted the Wikileaks organization to some degree.
Therefore we must focus on the spirit of Wikileaks… on what it stands for so as to keep the process of disclosure going forward wherever we can.
Apocalypse has come to mean the end of the world because revealing the truth about the Current World System will topple all of its supporting pillars.
Once the people realize the true nature of the beast they will withdraw their support and rebel against their respective governments. The System will collapse in proportion to the withdrawal. This is why Wikileaks or expose´ is such a powerful threat to the Current World System.
The formal study of end time motifs is called eschatology for those with more interest. 

Historically Assured

It is the ruling classes that give civilization such a bad name.
The history of civilization is the story of the rise and fall of empires. The pattern is the same for all regardless of region or ethnicity.
Civilization up to the present may be defined as the quest for empire by the ruling classes.
The subject class or those not part of the ruling class are mere pawns in the game of empire building.
At this point all civilizations of the modern era have merged into what I have been calling the Current World System. They all share the same basic operating principles described above and maintain an uneasy alliance amongst themselves known as the United Nations.
There are no novel mechanisms in place to prevent the collapse of the Current World System. To the contrary in fact as there now exists a mechanism to insure the permanent death of the principles that have raised their ugly heads as empires and civilizations as we have known them thus far.
The subject class now has its own communication system and information base. This is a new development in the history of class struggle. A given culture is able to operate the way it does because its members subscribe to and support the cultural worldview which is nothing more than set of ideas.
If the ideas that support a given cultures worldview give way then the cultural system crumbles in proportion. The decline of a civilization does not happen overnight. The undoing of the Current World System began in the 1960′s when the counter cultural revolution was born.
The seeds of the plants sown at that time are now flowering. Up until the 1960′s humanity had only experienced political revolutions which ended up controlling the same set of cultural ideas and values. The 1960′s introduced in a permanent way the ecosocio values of the emergent culture.
We are now dealing with a full blown cultural revolution. The people of the 60′s began to challenge and question authority and the free sex was nice too, but we are now upending every facet of the social, political and economic status quo.

Scientifically Calculated

We know how many people live on the planet. We know the rate at which populations consume food and resources. We can calculate the exhaustion of food and resources at current rates of population growth.
At current rates of deforestation rain forests will disappear in about 100 years. If every country on the planet consumed like the USA, as the capitalists would like, we would require the resources of 5 earths.
Fresh water is drying up. Food supplies are dwindling. And then throw in the whims of climate change and those dates could come sooner. There is no time to dally.
Our lack of response and ignorance of the forces at work will be brought to out attention sooner or later, one way or another, just do the math. There is no place to run or to hide. One does not need a crystal ball to project futures based on perennial and measurable macro trends.
We need radical solutions and actions sooner than later to avoid full blown hellish conditions on planet earth. Many parts of the earth are already hell zones especially where Euro-American imperialist forces have set their military and corporate boots.
The foregoing examples point to the carrying capacity of the physical systems that support human life on earth as we know it. It is also the mad max scenario awaiting us if we continue with the policies of the current leadership regimes.
The leadership regimes of the Current World System are not doing a damn thing to avert disasters of one kind or another. To the contrary as they are in fact perpetuating and worsening all of our predicaments. The leadership agencies of the Current World System are currently consumed with consolidating their power for the next stage of their game plan.
The current leadership agencies have done the math, but their plans call for non-stop war as imperialist’s forces prepare to stake out the remaining natural resources to remain on top. For more in depth information on that subject please see The World Economic and Geo-Political Game Plan Unveiled. 

Experientially Verified

If you’ve been affected by the economic downturn, watched the news and read the headlines then you don’t need me to tell you that we are in the midst of enormous turmoil the world over. But most people don’t understand the precise nature and probable extent to which the chaos might grow.
Most people in the U.S. tend to think that bad things happen to the other countries and that the current problems will pass and that we will all go back to our favorite sitcoms and shopping centers and live happily ever after.
Nothing could be further from the truth for the worst is still to come and the US will not be spared. Why should it be spared? It’s the biggest empire the world has ever seen and we know what happens to empires. We are witness to an evolutionary process that will force unprecedented changes to human culture.
The questions are to what extent will the Current World System breakdown and what will the hardest part of the transition look like?
The Establishment at the helm of the current cultural monstrosity has its plan and the emergent culture is formulating its plan as you read. After gauging the magnitude of the problems we face and the indifference of the current leadership agencies I have proposed that all good will movements of the world come together to a form a coalition to help mitigate the transition and counter balance the extremes of the Current World System. Please see a Movement to Unite All Good Will Movements for more details.

For a fuller understanding of this time plot please see Test Driving the TimeWave and the Webbot: Explorations in Futures Forecasting. (Fig. tw)”] 
[Click to Enlarge
We are experiencing an uptick in the frequency and intensity of events as we approach the cultural singularity—much like the intensifying contractions of a woman in labor.
The cultural singularity is the point at which the emergent culture consolidates its power and begins to exert itself as the overt influencer of the next world system. A fledgling, but promising world system or the birth of a Planetary Culture.

According to various sources the pivotal point for some sort of cultural singularity is the already fabled year of 2012. I am of course positing a favorable outcome on behalf of the emergent culture. The Current World System is not going to easily give up the reigns of power.

Whether or not the cultural singularity takes place in 2012 or later or sooner is besides the point. The point is that pro-ecosocio trends are on a collision course with the powers of oppression… so it’s a matter of when things come to a head. 

A highly regarded non-mainstream economic analyst, the only kind you can trust, calculates that the ongoing economic maelstorm will peak in 2012.
World renown trends forecaster Gerald Celente has forecast the year 2012 as a time of mass chaos in the USA.

The novelty/change measuring TimeWave program reaches its zero point at the end of 2012. The Timewave has pegged the last two tipping points that have thrust us into new magnitudes of novelty (fig. tw above). The first tipping point coincided with the beginning of the economic tailspin of October 2008, the election of Obama and the Israeli assault on Gaza or operation Cast Lead. The second tipping point commenced with 3 major events and a cascade of ongoing smaller, but highly significant events (headlines are listed below).

The first major event of the second tipping point was the start of thesecond round of quantitative easing or the money printing scheme to further manipulate the highly orchestrated economic reconfiguration sought by the financial sector of the Current World System.

The second event was the failure of G-20 nations to reach any kind of agreement at the Korean G-20 meeting. The failure of the November 2010 G-20 meeting provoked a warning from a major European Think tank on thedeteriorating state of world affairs.
Then near the end of November Wikileaks begins it massive release of secret documents. Please see Test Driving the TimeWave and the Webbot: Explorations in Futures Forecasting for specifics and details.

Despite all of the Mayan Calendar and 2012 hoopla, the ancient Maya did not say anything about about what would happen in 2012 other than we are entering a major new cycle of time. But therein lies the clue when one understands that each stage in a given cycle of time has specific thematic content associated with it.
The Western World suffers from mythic illiteracy or literalism when it comes to understanding its own stories as well as those of others. As I have shared its not the physical world that gets destroyed, but rather our ideological world.
We are ending the winter season of a precessional cycle in which each season is approximately 6500 years long. Please see Critical Junctures, Solar Cycle 2012 and the Global Predicament: Breakthrough or Breakdown? for more detail.

Historically we know that winters orcyclical extremes are symbolic of the hardest times we are apt to experience. But we also know that its darkest before the dawn.
There is a point at which the sun reaches it lowest point in the horizon giving us the longest night and then begins its climb again toward the spring of renewal and better times.

The same process applies to all cycles and instances of birth and renewal. The end of the day brings tiredness and symbolic death or sleep, but we are also recharged by the night period and we awaken refreshed to meet the new day.  Metaphorically speaking we are collectively experiencing the dark night of the soul.
We have finally arrived at the point where the planet births a global culture. Please see Transitioning to a Planetary Culture: Trend Convergence & the Case for Social Transformation for further elaboration.

The Intensification of the Apocalypse
As of the publication of this article Wikileaks has published some 2000 documents out of over 230,000 files it claims to have. Already there are initiatives by the various governments to police the internet and suppress free speech not favorable to Govcorp.
Please look at just a small sampling of the events that have developed in the last month alone. The stories focus on the USA situation as it is the king pin of the Current World Order. Once it crumbles the entire world system it underpins will also crumble.

As you read the headlines please bear in mind the term consolidation of power
Empires thrive by warfare and in a last ditch attempt to save itself we are likely to see much bigger and wider spread conflagrations if the emergent culture does not intercede.
Get the picture ?

Your Two Choices
There are only two choices
You  have, but two options. One is to go about your business as usual thus helping to maintain the status quo that has brought cataclysmic death, destruction and suffering upon the planet and humanity in countless ways (the blue pill). The alternative is to become part of a growing movement to create and support new models espousing real solutions to the horrendous situations created by the Current World System (the red pill). 

What to believe?

There is information coming at us from many sources about Wikileaks,some supporting, some denouncing and still others saying it’s a home grown government operation.  Confusion sown atop ignorance so that we don’t know what to believe.
Confusion creates paralysis and it is the number one ploy of the State to disarm and neutralize public reaction.
One thing you can know for certain is that truth is the enemy of the Stateand you can proceed from there.  Also bear in mind that political absurdities make perfect sense when we realize that Govcorp is thoroughly corrupt and without one iota of merit nor a shred of credibility.
At this point we are engaged in a growing infowar that will likely turn into a government attempt to stifle the free flow of information, free speech, dissent suppression and control of the internet. What follows from there will be our legacy or our tragedy.

What to Do?
The ongoing objectives of those outside the Matrix of the Current World System are three fold.
One goal is to help free the remaining captives of the System by exposing its evils, its utter lack of merit and credibility…. become a wikileak and reach out to the unwary.
Another objective is to withdraw economic (tax revolt) and material support (civil disobedience, non-cooperation, boycotts) from the structures and institutions upholding the Current World System.
The last aim is to support, develop and promote models in line with the ecosocio values mentioned earlier. These objectives are of course happening simultaneously.
We are resisting the further mechanization of society.
Our goals are to rehumanize ourselves,
our culture and restore our tattered planet
~ RS
Culturally we are in the birth canal, being squeezed out
~ Terrence McKenna
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Please let your comments be known.
“For human evolution to continue,
the conversation must deepen”
~ Margaret Mead,  anthropologist

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