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Monday, January 24, 2011

Alert: Electro-magnetic Anomaly Southeast U.S. Area

"The Anomaly in the Atlantic"
Bermuda Triangle Strangeness, Ancient Gate Opening, or Atlantis Rising?

January 23, 2011

After reading the FAA Flight Advisory put out Thursday 1/20/2011  regarding Department of Defense GPS tests to be conducted January 20 through February 22 of 2011, where pilots were advised that during the tests, GPS signals would be unreliable or unavailable within the southeast U.S. area, an immediate red flag went up especially in light of recent electro-magnetic anomalies, strange bird and fish kills, and increased seismic activity. (See the FAA pdf for the full advisory and the large radius circle map of the area involved.)

I immediately contacted an expert Ham Radio operator who also had found the FAA advisory extremely interesting to say the least and was already monitoring to find any new or unusual Military HF communications that might shed light on this matter or to detect any unusual signals. Just prior to this advisory , HF military communications had been almost non-existent during the visit of the Red Chinese Presidential entourage where many Chinese aircraft had landed at Andrews Airforce Base and no doubt had their signal detection gear working over time.

On Friday 1/22 they came back up in a flurry with many units trying to establish communications with Puerto Rico and discussions were heard about an "anomaly" that was causing great difficulty with communications that was not due to normal propogation problems. The units which seemed to be in the Atlantic off Florida and in the Carribean were having to change frequencies multiple times in working with Puerto Rico Comm Station in order to get decent copy of messages. These were not normal reach flights but were coded units anxious to get their reports into the Comm Station. Later Friday evening, "the anomaly" was detected by the HAM operator.

Initially, it was described as an amplitude modulated signal of extreme power of many megawatts. It was constant and not pulsed and was in the VLF range. It showed up on the Spectrum analyzer and also on lightning detection equipment which use the VLF for detection and mapping of lightning which are normally used by pilots. The problem was that there were no storms in that area. The location of "the anomaly" was also actually further off the coast of Florida than the location given for the center of the circle for "GPS tests ?" and closer to the Bermuda Triangle area.

Specifically,  it was stated that it exhibited a repeating pattern that was very strange, and unlike any the HAM had ever heard. It was not a "whistler" or lightning or any other geophysical signal that the Ham had ever heard in over 40 years of experience, though it was said is NOT MAN MADE AND IT IS CAUSING MAJOR PROBLEMS. It did show up on the lightning detection maps but to repeat no storms were present.

On Saturday 1/22 "the anomaly" remainded in place and seemed to be slowly growing in strength. Also,  another "anomaly" of the same signal was detected north of the original by hundreds of miles and on closer resolution each of these separate "anomalies" was two distinct sources very close to each other on the map. Saturday there was still no storm present in those areas.

Through other sources in the Mil/Intel world it is know that multiple U.S. aircraft and spacecraft with sensors are were bravely investigating "the anomaly" . Note here, that the area near and within the Bermuda Triangle has been repsonsible for numerous lost aircraft and ships over hundreds of years with complete disappearances of crews and pilots and is quite dangerous.

It could be said that this "anomaly" has drawn even MAJIC (both factions) attention and with all the communications disruptions, probable diversions of normal air traffic, and even several seismic events in the area around Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, and north on the Atlantic ridge, that this ..........IS NOT LIKELY SOME DOD GPS TEST. Though, it is likely that some sort of new GPS or navigational tweak or update is being attempted quickly. GPS tests don't cause area wide communications disruptions or earth quakes, even 2.7 magnitude quakes that are deep , let alone 5.0 's or 5.3's. The Mil units sent to investigate "the anomaly" do not sound like they are laughing, but are actually showing concern in their voices when heard. Communications with Puerto Rico by the Mil coded units and others were still choppy, unreadable, or weak even late Sunday 1/23.

Sunday,  my source said that "the anomaly" is still showing itself via VLF energy source detection and mapping but no "atmoshperic producer" is in the area. However, it is continuing to disrupt the collaterals and its radiated energy is very much evident. Military HF comms Sunday did include several long messages of 180 characters or more and some Skykings. As of later Sunday evening, some los of strength of "the anomaly" was detected , though no reason for this is known nor is there any real knowledge of exact cause as yet for "the anomaly" know publicly.

Has some ancient machinery or crystaline device been activated? The area of the Bermuda Triangle seems to be described as having numerous quantum effects involving time loss or gain, odd clouds, tubes or portals where radio transmission is difficult to impossible and compasses spin or are completely inaccurate.

Ultra Black Flag Rank sources told Steve Quayle a number of years ago about how Puerto Rico is key for containment of a dimenisonal gate and what could or has come through it. Is somone or something knocking on the door very loudly? Has some large EBE craft, like the one extensively seen and photographed over Lima, Peru on January 4th , this year, turned on some device , or are they trying in collusion with luciferian factions to energize the ley lines or energy grid of Earth in such a way that major shifts in tectonic plates are happening that will provide a culling of Earth's populations in an ORDO AB CHAO blood sacrifice?

Another "anomaly" seems to be present off the coasts of Yemen and Somalia in the Gulf of Aden,  which has drawn the Navies of most of the world , under the cover story of fighting Somali pirates. There also is evidence that the continent of Africa may be tearing into two pieces. Maybe, someone would like to blow the Atlantic ridge or cause Cumbre Vieja in the Canaries to fall into the ocean and create the giant tsunami that would destroy the entire east coast of the U.S. and the coasts of Europe?

Maybe, the ancient Annunaki (fallen angels) would like to get ancient Atlantis to rise. The Bimini road is in this area, and is allegedly part of a harbor road of a portion of ancient Atlantis. In the past 10 years, several Scientists working off the coast of Cuba have used a deep diving craft with remote cameras and have found an ancient civilization with huge stone buildings and pyramids. Is it part of Atlantis?

Maybe "Gabriel's Fist", or the Sumerian planet Nibiru.......the planet of crossing........or planet X is indeed coming closer to Earth and is causing massive seismic and volcanic changes not seen since Biblical times?

What is certain is that "the anomaly" exists in the Atlantic near the Carribean area and it does not portend good tidings while it disrupts communications, navigation of air traffic and vessel traffic at sea. It is also certain, that America and the World need to know what it is and what it is going to do. For me, Mathew 24 and Revelations might hold the key to understanding.

There Is Power In The Blood of Jesus. May he afford you a place of sanctuary, calm your heart, and soothe your nerves.

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