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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Plant a Garden - 5 Simple Food Crops For You And Your Family To Grow

Gardening is a wonderful activity!  


This is a guest post by Mrs. Green, who runs Little Green Blog which covers green technology, gentle parenting and eco friendly lifestyle.

Gardening is a wonderful activity for the whole family and whatever your time schedule, physical ability or level of expertise there will be a way for you to grow some of your own food.

With food prices increasing and families needing to stretch their budgets further, growing some of your own food offers a solution. Eating fresh, seasonal produce has health benefits too and might entice you to be more creative in the kitchen. By growing some of your own food you can increase your intake of organic produce without increasing the amount you spend.

If you’ve never grown anything before why not start with one of these fail safe crops:


Zucchini and potatoes traditionally take up a lot of room in the garden but there are creative ways to get around this. By using containers you can design a garden to fit your space; so even if you only have a balcony or small piece of decking to use, you’ll still be able to grow food successfully.

Zucchini are hungry feeders and will thrive on a compost heap - you don’t even need a special pot! Just pop the plants in, water regularly and they will grow. Give them plenty of room to spread and they’ll be very happy.

Potatoes will grow virtually anywhere – a black trash bag, an old dustbin or even a stack of tires are ideal. Just remember to earth them up so they don’t go green. When the flowers wilt, they are ready to dig up and you can get stuck in rooting around for treasures.

Radishes are the perfect crop for children as they can be ready to eat in as little as six weeks from sowing. They need free draining soil and can tolerate some shade, which is perfect if your garden is not a south-facing sun trap. Water regularly to prevent radishes turning woody and pick them as you need them. Sow radish seeds weekly for a continual crop.

Strawberries are another lovely crop for children to grow. These are ideal in the tiniest of plots because you can grow them in any small container or pot. They will grow well in special strawberry planters, window boxes and even hanging baskets. Put some straw underneath the berries to prevent them from rotting when forming.

Tomatoes are another brilliant food crop if you don’t have a garden! You can buy special varieties of tomatoes that tumble which means you can grow them in hanging baskets. Small cherry tomatoes are irresistible with their sweet taste and juicy flesh and you can let your children pick them whenever they want. Tomatoes need regular watering, but apart from that are fuss free.

Gardens are so much fun! They really help you spend enjoyable time outside. You may also want to read some Beginner's Gardening Tips

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