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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Start Planning Your Survival Garden

The time to plant your seeds will be here before you know it.

With the new year upon us, it's time to take that first step in gardening, the planning. The time to plant your seeds will be here before you know it.

PLAN – DIAGRAM the garden spaces

"I don't have room for a garden" you might say. "I don't want to dig up part of my back yard just to get a few tomatoes." Does that sound familiar?
Over the years we have tried several methods of gardening. We've sectioned off portions of the yard, and used raised beds as well as containers. Even when we were kids growing up, there was always that portion of the yard that was referred to as 'the garden'.

A 'technique' we tried a few years ago has given us great success.
We call it 'landscape gardening' or 'spot gardening'.
It began when we started discussing our garden during one season. We had several areas of the yard we could use, but as Ken pointed out, only one area got full sun most of the day. As many of us know, some vegetables love full sun, some partial sun so they won't burn. We also wanted to make sure, especially with the prospect of rising food prices along with the health benefits of eating home grown natural vegetables, that we utilized every bit of landscape space that we could to produce for us.
We have a decent amount of land to use, given that we live in a typical suburban size lot of about 1/3 acre, it's just not all in one 'patch'. So we decided to intersperse our garden vegetables with our other yard plants (flowers, trees, grape vines etc.). After all, no where is it written that all of your tomatoes 'must' be in the same spot. We had some in the front yard, some in the back yard. We had the same thing with squashes and broccoli. Coming up the walkway, visitors were greeted with the aroma of rosemary and sweet basil.
Using this method, we were able to find just the right spot for each plant. This enabled each plant to thrive. Our broccoli produced for months. We harvested 270 lbs. of tomatoes from only 6 plants!

So, first decide 'where' you will be planting, drawing a diagram of your yard and observing the spots where the sun shines most of the day versus part of the day. Perhaps you live in an apartment, and only container gardening will work for you. If that is the case, then design your layout so you will know exactly what size containers will go where. Fit as many as you can!
Next, decide 'what' you will plant. What will grow the best in the spaces you have designated as 'garden'? What would you like to grow for your own satisfaction?
Hopefully some of you will try your hand at gardening this year!

You should seriously start to think about getting your Seed Trays so you will be ready to go when the time is right.
Consider getting a Seedling Heat Mat to put under your trays to help germination.

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