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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Preparedness is Peace of Mind

Not too many things to do to get ready, actually.

From Ken:
I have a feeling that many folks outside the survival-preparedness minded way-of-thinking may themselves think that ‘preppers’ are a bunch of paranoid wackos, spouting doom and gloom all the time.
Sure, there are extremes in any walk of life, but chances are that the majority of preppers are in the middle, that is – they are folks that know in their gut that ‘things’ aren’t quite right in the world they live in today.

I’ll bet that a good portion of that instinctive feeling is coming from the horrible economic mess that surrounds many of us – unfathomable government debt (fed, state, and local), unthinkable levels of greed (corporate, business, and personal), the constant drum beat of terror threats, and the rapid decay of our liberties – just to name a few…
Heck, it’s gotten so bad that now in the U.S., the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is trying to get us to spy on each other (tele-screen warnings in Walmart stores, PSA advertisements), and injecting paranoia into the society.

‘Thinking people’ know, that the present state of the economic system(s) is so bad, that it’s a bit like being on the Titanic as it is sinking – while watching the band play as though nothing is wrong. It is absurd. There are several possible outcomes, but none of them are going to be good (inflation / deflation / or worse, a complete currency collapse).
As time goes on, more people are beginning to see what is happening around them, and they are realizing that they should begin to prepare in some way. Not knowing how bad things ‘could’ get, and not knowing how long the puppet masters of the world can keep the system afloat, makes it difficult to decide what to do.

Typically, a first instinctive move is to simply store up some extra food – probably due to our genetics and survival instincts. Our survival instinct starts at the very roots and basics – shelter, fire, water, food.
It is fairly easy to manage the fire, water, and food preparedness, but an often overlooked item is ‘shelter’. What I mean is, there is an assumption that we will always have it, a roof over our head. The thing is, chances are you either pay rent, or pay a mortgage. Think about that one.

Once someone starts accumulating a supply of food, they will instantly discover a new ‘feeling’, one of ‘peace-of-mind‘. It is an interesting thing. The more actions that one takes toward being more self-sufficient, the more peace-of-mind will be received. It is very empowering. In fact, one of the most empowering moves you can make for yourself, is to get out of personal debt. You will be stunned by the euphoric feeling afterward, especially if you’ve been burdened with debt for so long.
The very fact that you become so empowered, is the very reason that ‘the system’ tries to keep you under the yoke of debt. When you really think about it, your life in debt could be looked at as a form of slavery – in that you ‘must’ work for the system to keep making those payments. It has become so normal, that hardly anyone even realizes they are a slave to it. Amazing.

The bottom line is, becoming prepared (use your own definition), brings peace of mind.
Most preppers are not all about doom and gloom. Instead, many or most preppers can see the doom and gloom for what it is – the threats and risks to living a better life, the very things that a prepper is trying to avoid, or at least to insulate from.
So go ahead, I dare you, go get some peace-of-mind. You deserve it.

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