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Sunday, November 14, 2010

ACLU Supports Sharia Law, while Opposing Public Display of the Ten Commandments

"The will of the American people is being marginalized
once again, this time in Oklahoma. The ACLU is endorsing 

the Council on American-Islamic Relations' (CAIR) lawsuit   

supporting Sharia law,  while opposing even the public display of the Ten Commandments.  There seems to be no 
end to the ACLU's hypocrisy!"   



In last Tuesday's General Election, Oklahomans decisively 
voted to bar their state's courts from considering
international law or Sharia law, the Islamic legal code,
when deciding a case. Less than a week later, Federal 
Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange granted a temporary restraining
order (TRO) blocking enactment of the new state constitutional

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed the
case against the citizen-approved amendment. I wasn't 
surprised to see a representative from the Oklahoma ACLU
standing with CAIR delivering a resounding endorsement 
for the lawsuit in their press conference. 

            How outrageous that the ACLU would stand FOR
            Sharia law being honored by our courts, while
            standing AGAINST the display of the Ten 

            Commandments in a courthouse!    

Just days ago, Liberty Counsel filed a petition with the U.S. 
Supreme Court requesting the Court take our case involving
the "Foundations of American Law and Government" display in
a Kentucky courthouse, which includes the Ten Commandments. 

            Who is standing AGAINST the Ten Commandments 
            display?  The ACLU of Kentucky, of course!  

Since 2005, we have defeated the ACLU in three other cases
involving Ten Commandments displays. This lawsuit is one of
several current cases in which Liberty Counsel is yet again
facing the deep-pocketed bullies of the American Civil
Liberties Union.  

++The ACLU is a menace.           

kent, the Liberty Counsel staff fights daily on
behalf of life, liberty, and family in crucial cases confronting
the ACLU and other anti-freedom organizations, recently 
including the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).  

            These days, it is difficult to distinguish
            between the ACLU's leftist positions and those
            of our own government!  In fact, Attorney 
            General Eric Holder has hired scores of ACLU 
            lawyers to staff the Obama DOJ.

The DOJ and the ACLU are surrounded by other radical legal
groups that have access to huge war chests, as well.  That's
why I need you to consider making a special gift to help 
Liberty Counsel take on these well-funded, anti-liberty, 
anti-family legal organizations. Go here to make your 
special tax-deductible gift: 

++The "Legal Left" is a tight-knit confederacy.

CAIR and the ACLU have partnered in several other cases over
the years. Now, both organizations refuse to accept Oklahomans'
clearly expressed will, even though it was demonstrated 
through an overwhelming majority vote. 

            Once again, the courts are being used to overrule
            the voices of they have time and 
            time again in other cases across our nation. The
            phenomenon of radical judges legislating from
            the bench has become commonplace!  

            Many other states, which are considering passing
            similar measures against Sharia law and 
            international legal standards, are watching
            the Oklahoma case very closely. 

As I've written over the past few days, our caseload has
reached a boiling point in recent months! We are battling 
the ACLU and other organizations in hundreds of cases, 
motions, filings, briefs, and other legal actions in
which Liberty Counsel is engaged. 

            But we refuse to back off from doing everything
            in our power to stand in defense of our
            constitutional freedoms! We are confronting
            anti-religious organizations and misguided 
            institutions ranging from local school boards
            to the federal government. 

++Your tax-deductible gift will help us fight in court.

Right now, both our legal staff and our budget are stretched
well beyond what we could have anticipated at this point 
in 2010. Our need is even more critical at the end of this
pivotal year because those championing the radical Left's
agenda will likely increase their efforts in our nation's 
judicial system after their massive Election Day losses. 
Your prayers and sacrificial giving make it possible for 
us to continue.  We depend on friends who give $20, $30,
$50, $100 - whatever the Lord leads - so we can stay 
involved in crucial battles at every level of our judicial

Will you help today?

Please go here to make a tax-deductible gift: 

Your support of Liberty Counsel is vital.  THANK YOU for all
you do as a key member of the Liberty Counsel team!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

The will of the American people is being marginalized
once again, this time in Oklahoma. The ACLU is endorsing 
the Council on American-Islamic Relations' (CAIR) lawsuit
supporting Sharia law, while opposing even the public 
display of the Ten Commandments.  There seems to be no 
end to the ACLU's hypocrisy!

Our team fights daily against the rise of Big Government,
radical pro-homosexual forces, anti-faith initiatives, 
the attacks of the ACLU, and the activities of many other
radical legal groups. Please consider a generous gift
today.  Again, thank you and God bless you! 

Liberty Counsel, with offices in Florida, Virginia and 
Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit litigation, education and
policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom,
the sanctity of human life and the traditional family.  
Liberty Counsel . PO Box 540774 . Orlando, FL 32854 .800-671-1776


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