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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Earthquakes, Merapi Volcano and Katla Volcano

  • Earthquakes 2010

    Magnitude 8 - 9.9 

    2010 Earthquakes so far (1) 

    annual average (1) 

    100% of 100yr. annual avg. to day #328 

    Magnitude 7 - 7.9 

    2010 Earthquakes so far (19) 

    annual average (15) 

    141% of 100yr. annual avg. to day #328 

    Magnitude 6 - 6.9 

    2010 Earthquakes so far (136) 

    annual average (138) 

    115% of 100yr. annual avg. to day #328 

    Magnitude 5 - 5.9 

    2010 Earthquakes so far (1,618) 

    annual average (1,319) 

    137% of 100yr. annual avg. to day #328
  • Merapi Volcano – live webcam

    The Merapi volcano roared to life during 26-Oct and is erupting in fits and starts. 

    Word has it that there is potential here for a bigger eruption, although typically Merapi is ranked a VEI-2 (explosivity index). Eyes are watching it... 

    Live Merapi webcam ID=68 

    Live Merapi webcam ID=72 

    Merapi Eruption History 

    Merapi Magma Chamber
  • Katla volcano watch – Iceland


    2 earthquakes during the last 24 hours

    Katla volcano - apprx. 503 Earthquake's since 17-May-2010 

    Press "F5" 

    to refresh browser for latest image version



    We are now in the historical "window" of a Katla eruption which has always followed that of its neighbor, Eyjafjallajokull, which erupted 14-Apr-2010. 

    The window is from Oct-2010 - Oct-2011.

    Katla has the potential to cause worldwide disruption, especially European air travel.
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