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Friday, November 12, 2010

Large Sinkhole, Charlotte NC Motor Speedway Oct, 2010

Sinkhole Forms At Charlotte Motor Speedway

Crews Working To Fill Hole Before Race

Recent rains and the fact that part of the area is over a landfill most likely contributed to this.

Sinkhole Forms At Charlotte Motor Speedway

Crews Working To Fill Hole Before Race

Are you planning to go to the Bank of America 500?

A sinkhole has formed at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, on the infield near the back end of the track.
• CHOPPER VIDEO: Sinkhole Forms At Charlotte Motor Speedway

• SLIDESHOW: Sinkhole Forms At Charlotte Motor Speedway

A Speedway representative said the sinkhole was likely caused by the recent spate of rain. In addition, part of the speedway is built on top of a landfill, which could have added to the issue.

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Crews have already started work to fill the hole and hope to have it repaired before next week's Bank of America 500.
“Failure is no object,” Roger Neale, the vice president of operations at the speedway, said. “We've got to get it done. We've got a timeline.”
Up to 500 campers typically pack the infield during races, and many have already reserved spots for the Bank of America 500. Neale said if anyone arrives and the work is not complete, they will be temporarily moved to another part of the infield.


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