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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Something Going on in Earth's Magnetosphere

The magnetosphere simulator showed evidence of a brief, high density proton blast at around 22:00 UTC that appeared to disable the ACE satellite data feed briefly. Note the high pressure and proton density spike.
ACE Satellite Magnetic Field Data:

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Gerard ZwaanComment by Gerard Zwaan 36 seconds ago
My feeling tells me that in the next couple of hours there will be more of this kind of blasts. It's leading up to something.
shamsComment by shams 5 minutes ago

this is interesting, because usually during these kinds of shockwaves the field lines get all dense and spread out, but here it looks like normal. it could indicate that these particles were not highly magnetic, but of a different sort. __________________________________________________________________   Easily grow your own vegetables anywhere .
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A magnetosphere is the region around an astronomical objectin which phenomena are dominated or organized by itsmagnetic fieldEarth is surrounded by a magnetosphere, as are the magnetized planets Jupiter,SaturnUranus and NeptuneMercury and Jupiter's moonGanymede are magnetized, but too weakly to trap plasma. Marshas patchy surface magnetization. The term "magnetosphere" has also been used to describe regions dominated by the magnetic fields of celestial objects, e.g.

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