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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Another Sinkhole: Oregon

Huge sinkhole opens in front of Brookings City Hall


A huge sinkhole opened in the early morning hours Sunday in front of Brookings City Hall. The Pilot/Arwyn Rice

A 20 foot by 30 foot sinkhole opened in front of Brookings City Hall overnight Sunday.
The 23-foot deep hole was discovered by Brookings police officers at about 1:30 a.m., Lt. Donny Dotson said.
City crews worked through the night to discover the extent of the damage and prevent the situation from worsening, Public Works Supervisor Bob Schaefer said Sunday afternoon. 
"They were able to stabilize the walls a little bit," Schaefer said.
Police department offices are close to the opening. Police will monitor the hole hourly. If there are any changes to the hole, crews will return.
There is no immediate danger to city structures, but a large portion of Elk Drive crumbled into the hole.
Elk Drive is closed between Fifth Street and Ross Road and is not expected to open for some time, Schaefer said.
There will be no easy fix, as water from broken culvert gushed through the deep hole, carrying away even more soil.
"This is going to be fairly extensive," he said. "It's very unstable ground and the weather isn't good."

Read more about the sinkhole in the Wednesday, Nov. 10 edition of the Curry Coastal Pilot.

Video: "The hole stopped expanding just 15 feet from the police department and officers say it could have been a disaster to their emergency systems.  Now city crews are fighting the flowing water in the hole trying to keep it from reaching a sewer line 10 feet away." 

Now, a sinkhole produced by broken water pipes is not a cause for alarm and it is actually quite common. Prior to this I've refrained from posting such incidences because they are simply a failure of infrastructure with happens normally. But what is not normal are the increase in pipe breaks (for no reason). Remember the 2M people out of water in Boston when the water main broke? Or the River Iska  disappearing overnight? The times are getting soooo hectic and sooo obviously strange, that I post this in case more information comes out when daylight hits. And it's of minor interest, anyway. 
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