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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Big Sinkhole - Schmalkaden, Germany

Update News. Big Hole in Schmalkaden, Germany. Complete With Video

Theres a big question came up in my mind. Why my traffic increasingly so fast. For a couple days I get more than one thousand viewer. Commonly I got seven hundreds until nine hundreds viewers. This made me curious. So I back to my account and check my hub statistic. I found that two my hubs have a lot of viewers, Big Hole in Guatemala, Another Weird Phenomenon and Another Big Hole in China (Complete with Sinkhole Theory).  This was also made me surprise. Because this is happen again after these hubs have top position and reach top scores a couple months ago.  Other question is why these hubs popular again? I have to check out there, to find the reason why people love to read a big holes news. Until I read my newspaper and find surprising news. There's other big holes come up again in Schmalkaden, Germany. Schmalkaden is a small town in Germany.  Actually I have post about the same phenomenon in two country, Guatemala and China. Other hubbers from USA also give a report that this also happen in USA and other country, although in small size. I will not reveal the cause, because I've written the sinkhole theory before, you can check my hub about this theory. But maybe I will give a little theory based on the trusted person in that area.

The same phenomenon also happened in the city of Saint-Jude, Montreal, Canada on May 10. This hole swallowed four persons from one family when suddenly a big hole gaping around their home. It also swallowed a truck that was passing through. Lucky, the truck driver survived from this incident. Giant big hole also appeared on Florida, USA. But for the Florida citizens a sinkhole was a natural phenomenon, this was not weird news.

Actually we all know and bored to read about this phenomenon again and again. But I have to share a fact about this phenomenon happen again in the other part of this earth. I get many comments from my friends. A lot of theory came up on my hub about big hole. Is the earth getting old? This is also a big reason for some my friends to answer why the big hole appear again and again. But this time I'll share about another big hole with big size also appear in small town, in Germany. Maybe some of us have read about this from newspaper. I thought this news become an international issue.  

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Schmalkalden, Germany
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Back to the news, a big hole was suddenly appeared in the middle of residential areas in the city of Schmalkalden, eastern Germany. The giant hole, which was said to have formed at about 3 a.m Monday, surprise many people around this area. I heard this incident swallowed an automobile and a resident garage. The good news is there's no victim from this incident, no one was reported injured. Because of this hole six houses have been vacated and forced the evacuation of about 25 people from nine houses. 

According to CNN, which quotes the local newspapers, a giant sinkhole is measuring more than 130 feet wide and 65 feet deep. The local resident near this area reported that they hear weird voices, it was like a loud roar in the Monday morning. Maybe this is a sign there will be a big hole in this area. This sound made the people afraid and suddenly the big hole formed, they reported this incident to the police officer. According Lutz Katschmann, the official office environment and geological state of Thuringia, this incident possibility caused by foundation rock under the soil. Authorities planned to fix this hole, I heard that to fill this hole they need about 1,000 truckloads of gravels. I think this is a big job to do. To remind us how big this holes. Many people believe this is a natural phenomenon. Actually, according to US Geological Survey sinkholes are commonly found in areas where the bedrock is limestone and the ground water also took a part to create this phenomenon. I thought we all knew the same phenomenon which happened inGuatemala, last year (Huffingtonpost reports). I heard other information from the Head Office of the Thuringian mountains, Hartmut Kiessling. He said that the sinkhole has a natural cause ( You can watch the video from this incident below.

From many theories appear in the surface, I hope the best for this earth. We can't stop the natural phenomenon. But better to prevent and give our love to this earth. I believe the earth will love to us if we want to care and maintain from disaster which caused by human error.

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