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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korea's Dangerous Gambit

Urban Survival

Tuesday November 23, 2010

George Ure


The big ponder of the morning is "What goes nuclear first? NK/SK or Europe's finances? Let me explain why it's worth asking...(feeling like a tipping point yet?)

Readers of Peoplenomics may recall that one of my 'nightmare scenarios' of the just -past 'tipping point' would be an escalation of hostilities along the North-South Korea border, including a possible strike into South Korea due the Gee20. I was wrong. So were the Brits - they worried about it, too, before the Gee20.

Turns out that my read of things was a couple of weeks early and this morning with have (roughly in order) North Korea firing artillery into a South Korean island which has killed two, the South Koreans, in turn have lobbed a few shells back up north, to which NK says its attack(s) will be 'merciless', and SK says it didn't really ask for US tactical nukes, but....

All of which is curiously (or not) timed, since just last weekend in our premium content (Peoplenomics) I was explaining that the world is in a difficult situation, having reached about as far as finance could take things and in a situation where although some of the functions of war have been achieved via globalism, the killing of people and destruction of manufacturing that accompanies war has been missing.

Seems that current events are starting to edge toward the "let's fix the economy through wider war" camp.

War is not an immediately bad thing for the stock market. If you look at what happened when the Japanese attacked the US in December of 1941, you'll see the Dow only dropped about 5.9 percent and that took several trading days.


Notice how China is acting too; telling its citizens not to hoard coal and oil. Ostensibly, this is to cool prices, but in a little larger view, this could be viewed as 'getting ready for a war'.

Oh, and remember that purported ICBM launch from off Catalina island a few weeks ago which was immediately dissed as a 'contrail' (not!)? Sure looking more and more like that was China telling the US in no uncertain terms that it wanted something done - likely: no more POMO action by the Fed.

Now, since the US Fed has kept buying our own treasuries, thus watering down the Dollar, the Chinese, which hold billions worth, COULD be viewed as ramping up to send an even stronger message to the US via a growing border skirmish with South Korea by way of their NK proxy.

Speculation is that NK would hav e needed outside help to build their new enrichment plant, and their buddies in China are a logical suspect, but then again, we have to wonder which countries in Europe have business dealing under (unter der tisch) mitt....I mean with the Axis of Evils?


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