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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Precious baby found floating in a plastic bag in a river.. alive!

Baby Survives Abandonment in Plastic Bag 

A baby girl was found inside a plastic bag floating on a lake in Brazil after passers-by heard her crying. The infant was released from a hospital Sunday in good health, doctors said.
Amateur footage broadcast on Brazilian TV showed rescuers using a tree branch to pull the black plastic bag out of the water on Saturday. They opened the bag and found the 2-month-old girl inside, wearing a pink dress.
"I heard what sounded like a cat," Jose da Cruz told Globo TV. "Then the noise was increasing and it caught my attention."

Reuters: A video grab from footage taken by an amateur cameraman -

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A wooden board inside the bag apparently kept it from sinking in lake in downtown Belo Horizonte, a city about 300 miles northeast of Sao Paulo. The lake is in one of the city's most famous parks, and the area is often crowded with weekend visitors.
The two-month-old Brazilian girl found in a plastic bag quickly got nourishment at the hospital she was taken to in Belo Horizonte.
"It's a miracle she survived the heat and somehow didn't drown," said Dr. Claudia Guimaraes, who helped care for the child.
The baby's mother, arrested Sunday, denied throwing the girl into the lake, Globo reported. The mother said she gave the baby away to a group of homeless people because she didn't have enough money to raise the child.

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