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Monday, January 30, 2006

Less than 3,000 days left .. Be sure to get your free calculator..

 Neat calculator to count down the days left till the first day of the rest of our lives after December 21, 2012 !   deexxoo
Mayan Long Count Calulator
by John Kostura

December 21, 2012
The End of ???

The Mayan Long Count Calendar ends December 21, 2012. What this means is a matter of opinion and conjecture. Everyone I know seems to be undergoing some type of tempering and is being made ready for a change.
I believe that we all want that change to take place. Not just in a selfish personal way but on a global scale never seen before. To be honest I am more interested in December 22, 2012 the start of a new Mayan Great Cycle

December 22, 2012

This is the real date of concern the start of something new. How do we know something new is ahead of us. We don't. But we can hope that we are greeted by a brave new world.
Life seems to be moving to extremes. The middle ground is shrinking constantly. Which way will it go? I guess we will need to stay tuned to see how this saga ends and the new one begins.
How close are we to the end of the Mayan Calendar? Very close! There are 1,872,000 days in the current cycle and we have less that 3,000 days left.

Free Mayan Long Count Calendar Calculator

To assist you in the count down, we have programmed a Free Mayan Long Count Calculator for you. The only system requirement is any Windows 32 bit platform, including Windows 95, Windows98, or Windows XP.
The program will calculate the Long Count Date with the following features:
  • Years from 99,000 B.C. to 99,999 A.D.
  • Elapsed days - Great Cycle.
  • Remaining days - Great Cycle.
  • Percentage of Great Cycle.
  • Cycle Harmonics
Click on the image to the left for a real size screen capture of the program.

Download Free Program

Use the following link to download the install program:
maya20.exe (416 Kb) 11/10/99, Ver. 2.0
If you experience a problem downloading the calculator, please try clearing the cache on your browser and reloading this page. If this does not solve your problem, contact me and I would be glad to e-mail the program to you as an attachment.



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