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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Greetings, Brain Pioneers!

Have you ever thought of doing that?  If not, you're missing out.
Enough is ENOUGH. 
Greetings Brain Pioneers!

A quick newsletter this week- busy catching up with various work

Sick of Reptilian Ripoff Energy Bills?  Me too!!

As a society, we should have our government collectively help this
nation IMMEDIATELY get going on self-sufficient energy. Don't buy the
conventional wisdom that the technology isn't here-- BULL. Total bull.
Ask people who REALLY know about alternative energy- all it takes is
non-dormant brain KNOWLEDGE of the current facts, commitment from the
public and their elected representatives. If you vote in energy and
oil company people, what do you expect- that they'll welcome free
energy? Hahahaha! 

I just built 2 PASSIVE Solar collectors to help heat my apartment this
week- they're called trombe walls--  a good retrofit for certain
places- see  for
details. With proper insulation (coming soon). Cost? $35 each. They
creat wall temperatures of 100 degrees on a sunny day. I could cut my
gas bill 90% with additional insulation (coming soon), and with
photovoltaics and a little more elbow grease, I could get off the
dinosaur GRID completely. People are doing this all over.

Drop your thermostate 9 degrees- you'll get used to it in days, and
cut 40% off your gas bill. Know how nice it is outside when its 62
degrees? It feels like early summer.

I saw a great video this week on people building alternative material
housing- 80%-100% passive home heating. More comfortable than dinosaur
oil heated homes. One guy built his entire house out of handmade adobe
(DIRT!@! on the property) bricks-- for $800, total cost.  No, that's
not a misprint.

The biggest hurdle at present- for dormant energy brain perspective
society- is that since so many people don't know about what is
available. When enough people commit, and DEMAND the end of ridiculous
dependence on Alaska or Middle Eastern Oil DEAD end policies, prices
will drop, technology will progress even faster. Why are we still
living in the oil-stone age?

Millions of amygdalae clicked backwards into reptile brain old
thinking, ignorance, hypnotized by mass media/corporate/government

Click forward into free energy--  ALL FORMS. The bounty of nature, of
the sun- is all around. Go to iceland. The country runs on geothermal
energy. Every place on earth has free energy to tap into-

You just got to THINK, humans. That's what your frontal lobes are for.


A friend of mine, for example, has a high altitude cabin- 100% solar
electric for 5 people, from two dinky photvoltaic panels and plain car
batteries. More electric needed? Add more panels. Enough people do
this, prices drop even more. Imagine if the government got behind
photovoltaics the same way they get behind oil wars..... there would
be no more oil wars. Now do you understand the real meaning of
"dormant human brain"?

Its all around, on every newspaper front page. One day, we'll grow up-
hopefully before reptiles get their chance to start WWIII. I hope I
hope I hope  :-)



"Thanks a lot for the WELCOME message. I do enjoy
your web site very, very much.

   Click, Click!! 

   Moises Koube"


The work is simply amazing. I am more than a little envious of your
experiences in the woods...
But I am happy with my own and am having some new ones.

I am having many spontaneous motions with the amygdala work already. I
wanted to share what is happening to me with you. I imagine that some
things I am doing will be explained later in other books, but they are
happening to me faster than I can read and I want to make sure I'm not
going to short-circuit myself or anything. I will say, though, that
all sensations have been pleasurable.

- The first thing I noticed, is that my clicks tend to want to pulse-
around 3-4 beats/ second.
- During one closed eye meditation, I started doing small circles
clock-wise and counter - that produces some interesting sensations
when controlled. (I also tend to get better results thinking of wet
cotton instead of a feather)
- I was listenting to some other spirit-inspiring music (I do like
your music and compositions very much, and will buy some at some
point) with my eyes closed, and the image of an audio-engineer's live
music display, with bouncing bass - left and right channels -
"appeared" over my amygdala's clicking them forward with each bass
beat - the rest of the music then becomes like an energy shower over
my whole frontal lobes - awesome with violins. ......
I've been doing as many grounding exercises as possible. But this is
happening pretty fast. I have had one mini-pop on my right lobe
followed by a pretty cool whoosh.

I really appreciate that you are available and that you are making
this information available. It is truly revolutionary.

Thank you,


"With regards to amygdalae clicking techniques, I have
had only positive results and feedback from my
students to whom I have taught the technique, as well
as my children, Cassandra (aged 15) and Sabrina (aged
13). Sabrina used to get very nervous before tests and
examinations, and her scores have improved remarkably
since she started clicking her amygdalae forward
whenever feeling anxious or nervous. Cassandra is also
more calm and better focused when clicked forward. I
have personally experienced the exact same positive
results when applying this technique. Oh yes, my
husband, Luis Gutierrez Poucel, as well!

If you need any more information, or if something is
unclear, please do not hesitate to call me or to email
me. Also, if you need a bit more background info on
me, let me know.

Marie-Louise Oosthuysen de Gutierrez"


Great Brain Tips, Books, Music, DVDs, that  you can enjoy, share,
experiment-- ZOOOOOOM into another dimension
Online books, Printed Books, and more ! And the price is RIGHT too!

Later Brain Adventurers!
The AMAZING Brain Adventure

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