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Friday, January 27, 2006

Re: Colloidal Silver: A Natural Antibiotic?

We have a colloidal silver generator and make it for our family.  It really is a well kept secret.
The following is a very reasonable article.. except that it states that "goldenseal... can be taken every day".  Not!  One should take it for only a week or two at a time - after that you're asking for trouble. Goldenseal herb can cause allergic reactions as it is in the same family as ragweed - which can cause 'hayfever'.
Colloidal silver is important to have around for just such times as stated in this article.  Even Band-Aid (tm) is incorporating colloidal silver in one of its band-aid lines as an antibacterial these days. 

Liza <> wrote:

Vol. 9 , No. 23 , January 25, 2006
Colloidal Silver: A Natural Antibiotic?
By: Gina Lindhardt
            What is colloidal silver? Is it good for you? Can it be the wide-spectrum germ fighter that it is claimed to be? All these questions I had to ask myself when considering this subject because I haven?ft always been a fan of it. It just doesn?ft seem natural to me to consume metal. However, we do get silver in our diet naturally from different foods and sometimes even in our drinking water, and silver is a trace mineral found in the body. Having an open mind, I decided to tackle the subject.
            Colloidal silver appears to be a powerful, natural antibiotic against infections. It works as a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. In short, it suffocates the bad guys, and if taken in low dosages will not destroy beneficial enzymes (our good bacteria).
            Traditional antibiotics are becoming increasingly ineffective because our bodies develop resistance to them, but microbes cannot develop a resistance to silver. Besides, antibiotics are effective against only about a dozen forms of bacteria and fungi, but never viruses. Colloidal silver will kill some 650 pathogens, viruses included. No disease-causing organism known to man can live in the presence of silver, so it would appear highly unlikely that even germ warfare agents could survive an encounter with colloidal silver. Such a high responsibility for something so simple.
            Prior to 1938, colloidal silver was used by physicians as a mainstream antibiotic treatment and was considered quite "high-tech." Production methods, however, were costly, and then the pharmaceutical industry moved in, causing colloidal silver research to be set aside in favor of fast-working, more toxic and potentially dangerous drugs.
Maybe colloidal silver can be a better alternative to these poisonous prescriptions we so easily accept. I guess time will tell. We could learn a little from the past, since people were using silver to purify water, using silver dishes to keep bacteria away and obviously using it as an infection fighter. Even our early pioneers knew silver killed bacteria, for they used it to keep their milk fresh at room temperature.
            Researchers have shown than an electromagnetic process of pulling larger pieces of silver into a liquid, such as water, results in silver particles that don?ft sink, because the electric charge is stronger than gravity. This type of colloidal silver is better for internal use, and is so easy to make, even a child can produce it, using a 9-volt battery, a silver wire, and some distilled water. Many brands, however, are very inferior. In fact, if a product contains a stabilizer or lists trace elements other than silver, it usually has bigger particles of silver and could be toxic and/or produce argyria, an overall bluish-gray tint to the skin, which is very difficult to remove. The silver particles could actually be silver shavings bound together with gelatin or salts, forcing them to suspend in liquid. If a product requires refrigeration, some other ingredient is present that could spoil. These inferior products can make the silver up to 100 times less effective. It could also cause an overdose of silver, which would accumulate in the tissues and cause argyria. Studies have shown that the electro-magnetically charged silver is best for internal use, instead of silver that is bound with other agents.
            Another thing to consider when taking colloidal silver is dosage. Most products measure in parts per million, or ppm. This does not refer to the number of silver particles in the solution, but rather to the overall amount (weight) of silver in the solution. High concentrations of silver, sometimes as much as 1500 to 5000 ppm, do not kill disease germs more effectively than the safe range of 3 to 15 parts per million. So stick to a safe dosage with low ppm and take 4-5 tablespoons a day for about a week (for an adult) and then stop. If your body is extremely ill or toxic, more liquid may be taken, but higher ppm are still not recommended.
            To answer the question about colloidal silver being good for the body, personally, I wouldn?ft take colloidal silver every day, despite claims that it is good for the immune system. One idea is that because silver is not so prevalent in our soil and plants cannot uptake as much of this mineral as before, our bodies are lacking it; so by taking colloidal silver, we are replenishing what the body is missing. I tend to disagree, because getting silver from a plant is far different than actually consuming the metal. Our cells and our DNA accept plant-based minerals, but real metal?  So as an antibiotic and only in emergency situations would I consume colloidal silver, because it will do the trick. But I would prefer to use a more complete form such as goldenseal, garlic or olive leaf, as these plants have the same effect, could be taken every day without any form of side effects and are much better for the body.
            Colloidal silver can also be applied topically and is used with great results for cuts, scrapes, acne, rashes, boils, burns, eye infections, ear infections, diaper rash and even staph infections. It can even be used as a spray in the mouth for strep infections and tonsillitis.
As an alternative to prescription drugs, I would recommend colloidal silver. It?fs not a ?gcure-all,?h and there are other more natural alternatives that the body can use to heal itself. Colloidal silver doesn?ft work like herbs do, because it doesn?ft assist the body?fs own natural defenses; rather, it works as an outside source to kill off infection. But being the non-poisonous, non-addictive, and non-evasive easy solution that it is, I will definitely have it in my pantry to be used if needed.

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