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Saturday, January 15, 2005

"Similar signs before Atlantis was struck with massive tectonic devastation " -- Happening now!

US Sub accident shows earth?s crust changing fast without notice to the monitoring systems - sudden Tsunamis without warning possible?
Srini Balasubramanium, Special Correspondent
January 13, 2005

The USS San Francisco, pictured in this file photo, ran aground south of Guam

The U.S. Navy submarine accident that killed one sailor and injured 24 others occurred when the vessel -- traveling at high speed -- hit an undersea mountain head-on, Pentagon officials said recently. The mountain was uncharted while the submarine was in the area that was supposed to be charted. There is absolutely no evidence that the submarine was attacked or collided with another naval vessel.

This story has a major untouched issue that needs to be addressed by USGS and other similar bodies under UN and other nations. While there is no reason to believe the above 9.0 Richter earthquake has anything to do with the new unknown mountain, in many parts of the world, the sources are reporting extreme changes in the earth?s crust and severe tectonic movement.


The submarine was traveling in excess of 33 knots -- about 35 mph --when its nose hit the undersea formation head-on, officials said . This again points to unknown tectonic activities that are unnoticed by our monitoring services.

Common assumption is that tectonic plates move and earth?s crust changes through earthquakes and sudden stress relief. According to some Geological experts that may not be true always. There are cases where earth?s crust has reshaped itself in a relatively silent way. In addition, according to a large number of oceanographers, our earthquake and Tsunami monitoring systems in the ocean are not capable of monitoring many of the underwater deformations and changes.

If really an under water mountain came up in recent days without any notice to the present civilization then this can be serious trouble in the coming days. First, the commercial and military vessels, ships as well as submarines are vulnerable in sailing in uncharted water. But even more dangerous, there may be some mega tectonic changes coming and we are slipping under a catastrophic time bomb.

If you look at history, there were similar signs before Atlantis was struck with massive tectonic devastation. There were underwater and on the surface deformation and movements that finally built up the quick devastating catastrophe.

Some Geologists are saying that the tectonic movements all over the world are all related. Some even bring in the theory that atmospheric extremes are always accompanied with major tectonic changes. 

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