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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Whale beachings..

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Date:  Sun Jan 16, 2005  10:06 am
Subject:  Whale beachings~


Guys, this is not are a couple stories from the past few
weeks and a couple from right before the huge eq and tsunami..I am
looking for stories of beachings that I heard from Florida and
Georgia this week..if anyone has those please put them up...

I am also getting word and hearing stories of really strange bird
activity in some parts of the country...I will put up some pics of
birds this week flying in large circles in the middle of the
downpours...pretty amazing pics...putting them in the photo
section...blessings T

Whales Beached Along Outer Banks - NC

January 15, 2005
Approximately 35 pilot whales beached themselves along the Outer
Banks early Saturday morning. They were found from Bodie Island to
Oregon Inlet, with the largest concentration of whales near the
Coquina Beach area across from the Pea Island Light House. Many of
the whales were still alive and tumbling along the surf as
volunteers pulled the whales out of the water.

The cause for this beaching is unknown. Pilot whales are communal
and if one whale gets sick or decides to beach, all of the remaining
whales in the group will beach themselves to remain together as a
group. Some scientists believe that Navy sonar has a damaging affect
on whales and could be the cause of beaching fatalities such as this
one. The dead whales will be dissected and studied for cause of
death. A Minke whale has also been reported beached at Corolla. It
is not known if that beaching is related.

4 Endangered Whales Found Dead in 6 Weeks
The Associated Press

BOSTON - Four endangered whales have been found dead in the past six
weeks - including two just this week, scientists said.

A dead North Atlantic right whale was spotted off the coast of
Georgia on Wednesday, a day after one was found off Nantucket Island
in Massachusetts. Two were found in late December off Virginia and

Tony LaCasse, a spokesman for the New England Aquarium, said
biologists hope to perform autopsies on the whales found this week
to determine the causes of death.

"What we do know is losing that number of animals in such a short
period of time puts us generally on a slippery slope to extinction,"
he said.

There are currently between 325 and 350 of the whales known to
scientists. That's an improvement from 2000, when the population was
counted at about 300.

Before EQ;s in australia and indonesia

AUSTRALIA: December 1, 2004

SYDNEY - Scientists and wildlife officials continued to search on
Tuesday for what may have caused a series of mass strandings which
left 169 whales and dolphins dead on Australian and New Zealand
beaches in the past three days.

Authorities and volunteers worked through Monday night to save
dozens of whales and dolphins after three separate beachings in
Australia and New Zealand.
By Tuesday, 96 long-finned pilot whales and bottle-nosed dolphins
had died after the first beaching on Sunday at King Island, midway
between the Australian mainland and the southern island state of

Tasmanian wildlife officer Shane Hunniford said another 19 long-
finned pilot whales had died in a separate beaching on Monday on
Maria Island, 60 km (37 miles) east of the Tasmanian capital Hobart.

He said 43 whales had beached themselves on Maria Island but
officials had managed to save 24 that had been found alive.


Posted: 29 November 2004 1048 hrs

HOBART : A second pod of 17 whales has died in a mysterious mass
beaching on King Island in the Bass Strait off Australia's south
coast following the fatal stranding of 80 whales and dolphins at the
Another 50 pilot whales were also reported to have stranded
themselves on Maria Island, some 500 kilometres (300 miles) away to
the south east of Australia's island state of Tasmania.

Rescuers were on their way to the area to try to drag the mammals
back to sea, a spokesman for Tasmania's environment department
Warwick Brennan said.

He said the success of the rescue operation would depend on the
condition of the animals and the depth of the water.

Brennan said rescuers had counted the bodies of 55 long-finned pilot
whales and 25 dolphins stranded on a remote beach of King Island
between Tasmania and the Australian mainland.

Local police herded a further 30 dolphins and 12 whales out to sea
late on Sunday.

It is not known why the mammals are stranding themselves but a team
of scientists has gone to King Island to help with postmortems as
part of the process of trying to discover a reason.

Locals first noticed the stranded animals on Sunday afternoon and
immediately pitched in to try to save them.

"It is quite grim," Brennan said. "You've got a large number of
spectacular animals that are dead on the beach. There are some baby
whales as well, so it's not a pleasant site."

The weekend stranding was the second in a year involving bottlenose
dolphins and pilot whales on Tasmania's west coast.

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