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Monday, January 10, 2005

Animals behaviour - observe them for Earthquake signs..

Maybe we should watch them for tsunamis too!

Thanks to Rozie:

Thought this was you animals.
Saturday January 8, 2005

Pets' wild behavior may predict earthquakes
By Michelle Willey / Hi-Desert Star

MORONGO BASIN - Can animals really predict an
earthquake? According to animal disaster behavior
expert Diana Guerrero, they can give signs one is

Guerrero said it appeared that animals in the area of
where the tsunami hit in Asia last week left the
location before the tidal wave and earthquake struck.

"Behavioral changes are common in both wild and
domestic animals prior to seismic activity, but they
are difficult to quantify scientifically," said

"It seems to be more common in rural and wild
animals," Guerrero added.

"The more desensitized or exposed the animal is to
various conditions and noises, the less the animal
seems to react."

There are some signs Guerrero has seen in domestic and
wild animals.

Although behavioral changes can occur for a variety of
other reasons, these are clues that a disaster could
be on its way, she said.

Guerrero remembered three days before the Landers
quake, coyotes showed up in barns and cats were

If an earthquake is on the way, Guerrero said cats may
become jumpy. Look for your cat to hide, run around
frantically trying to escape to the outside, hang on
screens and meow. Other symptoms cats may show include
becoming aggressive, pacing or hissing.

Dogs usually don't hide at a sense of an earthquake,
said Guerrero, but they may exhibit behavior such as
howling, whining, barking, restlessness, aggression or
increased devotion to owners.

Dogs can also give signs such as becoming more
protective, aggressive or fearful.

If an earthquake is near, horses and livestock will
sometimes refuse to enter their barns or pens, and
they tend to group together in open areas, she
claimed. They also can act nervous or pace.

You may see your caged bird hanging on its cage,
flapping frantically or being abnormally quiet before
an earthquake happens, she added.

As for wild animals, you may notice the ones that
usually try to avoid human contact are coming close to
people, and sometimes entering dwellings.

Another sign is fishing in the local area improves and
wild birds become quiet and are not visible, she

"The rule of thumb is to watch for any behavior that
is abnormal for your animal," said Guerrero.

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