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Friday, February 03, 2012

The Dwarf Star Cometh

This Computer Generated Image (CGI) gives you some idea of what we will be dealing with soon 

 In this CGI you have our system, and the Dwarf system which is shaded in lite-blue. You also have the outermost planet of this Dwarf system highlighted in red as it orbits its Dwarf Star. 

This CGI indicates that whomever leaked this information from NASA, knew that Nibiru would be passing somewhere inside of our system somewhere between the orbits of Mars to Saturn. An just by happenstance, Alien Signals have been recently traced to the region around Jupiter

Surrounded by Idiots:


This could explain all of the work around the planet in building the Underground Bunkers and Seed Vaults. TPTB know full well what is coming, as does The Vatican.
NASA discovered this Dwarf Star out beyond of Pluto back in 1983, they then denied every thing. They took their first images of it while using the newly build South Pole Telescope (Not a visual/see through telescope, but one that uses Microwave and Infrared Tech to view the skies. Here is one of NASA’s IR images of this Dwarf system 

Thanks to Amy Evans for the above.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

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  1. our solar system is a binary motor with two sets of planets orbiting our sun and The Red Kitchina, Red Dreagon Wormwood Nibiru and fifty other names from ancient text and stories around the globe our half of the solar system we orbit the sun counter clockwise but the Red Kitchina has her planets orbiting the opposite direction, clockwise these two systems of planets come close enough to each other every orbit to tug one another and propel one another for another great orbit


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