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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Occult Symbolism: NWO Exposed by Russia Today, Fox News

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They have engineered every major war, revolution and recession.
They control everything you read, everything you hear and everything you see.
They have managed to indoctrinate an entire populace to their way of thinking and have infiltrated key positions in places of authority and it is from the shadows they have created a new political order, a new economic order and most sinister a new religious order.
Their ultimate aim is total global domination and they will stop at nothing to reach their goal.
The goal that was outlined in a speech given by a former President of the United States, George Bush "What is at stake is more than one small country it is a big idea a New World Order".

Top Comments

  • Hold on to the Constitution? I say RESTORE the Constitution - and stop the genocide of God's green Hemp Tree which the contitution was written on and give people their natural medicine which actually cures!
  • This is still Propaganda, regardless of what they talk about it's still being controlled by the media. I am skeptical and we all manifest what we want to believe. If we all talk about these things all the time they will become a reality. Let's make a truly free world for ourselves.
    • ha ha ha ha ha 100 million ha ha ha We just bailed out europe at the tune of 700 BILLION ha ha ha Welcome to the NWO
    • It is not just one party it is both of the parties. Obama is a bought politician also, the only way to clean up this damn evil mess is to get Ron Paul in as President.

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