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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Nuclear Power Plant -- view from road Byron Illinois

Uploaded by  on Feb 8, 2012
As close as a civilian without access can get --- several signs say DO NOT STOP -- high security around the facility (rightfully so btw) .. so of course we did not stop at the plant and ask for a tour --- but the shots are still great from the road!

The facility is still steaming from near the reactor buildings -- as well as from the normal stacks. I would NOT recommend hanging out near the direct area where this steam is venting (in my opinion). Even a drive by with the amount of steam that was released gives me slight worry. (even though the levels are reported as safe -- even though my geiger counters returned 48CPM -- still makes me nervous knowing small amounts are free floating in the air).

Clearly -- NO ONE is around outside --- no workers taking tests like one might think they would be doing after a venting issue.

Be safe if you live in the area -- and I would like to point out the amount of CROPS directly surrounding the nuclear facility -- just like at the Omaha Nebraska Nuclear Plant -- Crops of corn all around the plant as far as the eye can see. To me, this is a disturbing trend --- food being grown in the shadow of these large facilities.

much love to one another -- as always HAVE YOUR PLANS READY -- and BE PREPARED for emergencies .


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