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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Nuclear Power Plant - Basement FIRE

Uploaded by  on Feb 5, 2012
People of the world .. THIS IS NOT GOOD NEWS ! A 60 year old nuclear reactor in Moscow russia is burning from underneath.

Website post with the story links.. and also dozens of links you will need to monitor radiation / radioactive fallout on a international level:

The "translation" has come across that a "fire in the basement" has broken out --- I think people should understand that this is not a normal underground BASEMENT --- that beneath a nuclear power plant is a HUGE series of tunnels, slabs of protective concrete etc.. And usually I would venture a guess that not too many flammable materials are stored BENEATH a reactor.

This past week... this marks THREE nuclear power plants that have had major issues ... either large steam venting, earthquakes, shutdowns/major leaks, and now fires.

one weeks time:

Byron Illinois -- Chicago nuclear power plant venting steam during an "unusual event" ...... San Diego, California -- San Onofre nuclear power plant venting steam and SHUTTING DOWN due to an "unusual event" ....... and now a 60 year old reactor at the Experiment Physics complex in Moscow Russia burns from underneath.

This is of course on TOP of the ongoing Japanese Fukushima reactor meltdown.

(not counting the Virginia earthquake at the Cuckoo nuclear power plant) .. not counting the quakes and shutdowns at the Hanford Nuclear power plants in Washington state... or at the nuclear plant in Ontario which pumped radioactive water into the great lakes (all in the past several months).

The article has a video down below it --- this video is of a nuclear submarine burning --- this video IS NOT THE NUCLEAR REACTOR BURNING !!!!! I don't know why reuters is throwing that video on the bottom of this story -- but do not confuse the two like I did at first.**


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