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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wild Weather Continuing

Uploaded by  on Feb 29, 2012
Tornado watch alerts issued for MULTIPLE states again today -- carrying over from yesterdays massive midwest severe weather outbreak.

Alert zones have now been expanded to OH, KY, TN, MS, AL, OH, WV, VA, and NC.

Watch multiple new england states and southern states for severe weather (damaging winds and hail with POSSIBLE tornadoes)... PA, NY, DE, MD, CT, VT, RI, SC, GA, FL, LA, Washington DC, MA, NH, ME, NJ.

website post with screenshots of the outbreak area to watch:

Uploaded by dutchsinse on Feb 29, 2012

AP Photo
'HARRISBURG, Ill. (AP) -- Twisters roared through the nation's heartland in the early morning darkness Wednesday, flattening entire blocks of homes in small-town Illinois and Kansas and killing at least nine people.

Winds also ripped through the country music mecca of Branson, Mo., damaging some of the city's famous theaters just days before the start of the busy tourist season.

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