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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Is Nasa Preparing us for Nibiru/PlanetX ?

Uploaded by  on Feb 25, 2012
Nibiru near.planet x, extreme wether, earth changes, eartquake evry where, mystery you still belive Nasa ?

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"Do you still belive Nasa"?
You don't need NASA to know what you're viewing in the evening sky. Go visit an astronomy club in your area and chat with amateur astronomers who are familiar with the night sky. Take a peek through a telescope and look at these planets up-close. Yes, Venus and Jupiter will be converging shortly, conjunctions are not that rare and yes its perfectly normal. If you'd like to see what these planets look like through a telescope please view... watch?v=otTCn7o_T7c
  • " DASH OUTSIDE." NASA Production Houses are Setting The Stage for the "Normal" show we are seeing and will see. They just scrubbed a massive object eclipsing the Sun which they called the Moon when people realized it was NOT the Moon! The eclipsing object moved in an arch!!!! Yep, this was a nice, calm, Clinical sounding high school media move at best. Very matter of fact sounding huh? They are truly stupid trying to normalize that which WILL NOT BE NORMALIZED.!! Not for much longer.
  • @TomTheory2012 Venus and Jupiter. They should be right near the moon tonight.
  • has anyone else noticed those 2 very bright stars at night.
  • @Artifartibiz Excellent advice..ty. lol
  • i think the video is saying 1 of the planets isn't what they say.

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