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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sun eclipsed 10 times in 1 day-Nasa not talking?

Uploaded by  on Feb 23, 2012
A Nibiru/Gabrial planet bobs back and forth across the face of the Sun

Top Comments:

  • @photonrayswaves Are you retarded dude? Did you actually watch the video? Does the moon orbit our planet like that?
  • Its all Fake to make people afraid and take their eyes of the real agenda..The New World Order
  • You people are morons that will believe anything if someone puts it in a you tube video! Go look for yourselves and you will find out it is the moon eclipsing the sun imbeciles! ://
  • But there are pictures of the sun like this also today and there is no Nibiru in front.
    I think nibiru is a very special planet, different then the material planets of our common solar system.
  • @MatthewTheAstrologer lol ty.. These people need to start understanding orbits and even simple common sense calculations.. lol.. The sdo craft do not orbit the they are in the "same orbit AS earth" orbiting the sun.. its not rocket science
  • Wow! WTF? I saw the same thing happen to the moon. Check out my video. Strange shadow cuts out part of moon!!
  • @wideafukinwake Congratulations: you're NOT wrong. :)
  • Dude, your are counting off the universal time stamp that is not the actual image timestamp..Even for the biggest believer or skeptic.. this is very difficult to take on board as it would be an absolute impossibility for the moon to eclipse the sun(from the view of the spacecraft) a total of 10times.. I may be wrong.. but im sure im not.. good vid though.. made me old brain matter crank into action..
  • Can you tell us what it is that is eclipsed the sun so many times. We know nothing of a planet or moon that can move in that matter. Thanks my Lord..
  • I'm sure nasas has been lying about our suns dimension and distance, it is closer and alot smaller than we can imagine, HOW ?
    See the ufos around the soho images they are going from one side of the sun to the other in minutes or seconds, over 1.3 + million miles in a few minutes or some in seconds, cmon
    NASA playing a head game with the nasa nutters and they don't have any concept of reality or physics when it comes to this subject, it is ridiculed and ignored
    Sun is a small sphere close to us

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