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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mysterious Noise - Germany

Patience pays... the strange sound is heard toward the last third of the first video.

Uploaded by  on Jan 22, 2012

Anybody knows this sound?
We were doing a video of our dog, as suddenly our Cockatoo freaks out und we`ve heard a strange noise...
First we thought about our water pipes from the bathroom (got some trouble with it before), till we recognized, that this sound is coming from outside.
It was really loud and strongly, maybe you can`t hear it so good by watching this video.

Please watch this video from the start till the end, cause by watching this lately, we noticed, that this "hum" almost started by the beginning of this video !

This video is taken in MönchenGladbach in NRW, Germany.
Maybe some from our surrounding area heard that too and can say something about it.
Thank you !

Ps: it was Sunday evening, 22 th of January 2012!



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