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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

BIG Earthquake just off Chile's coast.

 Aftershocks continue

There were reports of buildings swaying in the tremor in the capital Santiago, about 115km east of the coast. -Yahoo

Chile has long been known to have many earthquakes. Seems that the number and intensity of earthquakes all around the 'Ring of Fire' are increasing lately. 

When I visited Vina del Mar in Chile quite a few years ago, there were many evidences of an on-going history of earthquakes.  Cracks in fireplaces, walls, skewed windows.  Chileans were almost used to it. However, with the increase in number and intensity, there's a new paradigm.  There is something causing these increases and changes all over the globe such as floods, volcanic activity, population unrest, frayed nerves, wars and rumors of wars, Greenland and Antarctica's ice sheets are cracking. What's going on? 
Women and schoolchildren evacuate a building during the quake in Vina del Mar, Chile
Women and schoolchildren evacuate a building during the quake in
Vina del Mar, Chile

A 7.1 quake is considered major and can cause heavy damage, however, the effects of this one were mitigated because it was offshore.

Published on Apr 24, 2017
- USGS Is reporting a strong and shallow 7.1 Earthquake that has struck just off the coast of Chile. I will continue to update on this via twitter and you can find more info at the link below.

Forecasted by Dutch Sinse on his YouTube channel last few days .. check it out so you can help warn others. Thx for being on top of news everywhere

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Huge earthquake strikes off coast of Chile - Yahoo7:

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