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Monday, April 03, 2017

Prophecy Unfolding-Spirit of Judas in the White House During Passover Season

Kim Clement's Prophecy

Listen to what Alex Jones and Matt Drudge discuss about White House betrayal and then listen to Kim Clement's "Betrayal in the White House" message.

By Send Rain
Published on Apr 2, 2017
I don't know what this all means entirely but it looks like prophecy unfolding before our eyes. Betrayal in the White House may lead to our freedom. The Lord says not to fear, but I pray no one loses their life during this outcome. I've been feeling that something is wrong as well. This sounds like it will lead into these little battles of these hotspots. Pray for President Trump and his family that the Lord keep His hand over them and protect them. I do know that Trump takes betrayal very seriously to heart. So I hope that's the hurt Clement is talking about rather than to have any grieving to come. Pray that the enemy do not succeed with impeaching Trump. He is supposed to be our president for the next 8 years. Either way, America will prevail. God will use Trump until the mission is complete.

Donald Trump Prophecy

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Just like the prophets of old who foretold Christ centuries prior in “code” form – from Isaiah to David, to Micah, to Hosea and others – Kim Clement hit the bullseye regarding Trump winning the election - in prophetic "code" form. Kim’s prophetic utterances regarding Trump and Hillary were spoken years ago, before Trump was even a politician.
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After suffering from a brain bleed and other medical complications for more than a year, Kim Clement, who was known as a prophet, has died, according to an ...

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Spirit of Judas in the White House During Passover season (prophecy unfolding) - YouTube:


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