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Monday, March 27, 2017

MK-ULTRA - Infowars' Alex jones in SERIOUS DANGER for PIZZAGATE

It may not be just Alex's bank account or Alex's life in danger.  It is not beyond the realm of possibility that his family is threatened

Who would risk their family in this situation? 

Body Language Analysis, MKUltra in Action on Alex Jones PizzaGate Apology
Published on Mar 24, 2017

    Body Language Analysis; Alex Jones under extreme stress in his PizzaGate Apology video. Alex looks like he wants to throw up during this Apology. His Lawyer made him do this and he is not very Happy about it. When the Washington DC Lawyers say they will take your Bank account, you do as your told. Is there a Dual Citizen MKUltra Handler Around ?

    Image depicts underage white female between ages of 8 and 10 who underwent MKUltra research, including treatment using heavy doses of LSD, electroshock therapy and sensory deprivation. 

    Published on Dec 7, 2016
    Alex Jones has taken all the blame for the #pizzagate shooter hoax. The msm and the elite are trying to censor alt news sources and will go to extreme lengths to do so. Alex has likely been threatened. The interview with Sharif Salmi seems almost like a threat to alex jones to back off... Joe biggs has also quit

    New Earth Order


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